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  • michael d. janeway - Rack OK. Bolts Terrible

    The rack work but the allen bolts provided by the manufacturer are cheap and the heads strip during tightening and loosening. I spend an hour and had to drill out four of the bolts to get the rack off as the bolt heads rounded. Being a seasoned mechanic I knew how to do it and had the tools but I can imagine the issue others may go through. I suggest replacing the manufacturer provided bolts. I used four M6-1.00 x 70 and four M6-1.00 x 40 stainless socket cap screws. You can order them through Amazon or someone like

  • K. Glaser - A terrific finale to the "Hat" trilogy!

    My family thought this was a perfect ending to a terrific series of "Hat" books. Klassen's artwork is stunning, and his story is tender and heartfelt. I loved the ending - so sweet and poignant. I look forward to reading this with my kids over and over again.

  • Octavio Hernandez - Lady Gaga's best album yet.

    Lady Gaga's best album yet! So I'm a huge fan of hers, from Just Dance tilll now. I love each of her albums, but it wasn't until ARTPOP (2013) that truly was the moment I knew I was going to be fan for LIFE. I seriously still do not understand and never will get why ARTPOP got so much hate, it was simply a FUN pop/ electronic album. Anyways, after that gaga decided to reinvent herself and released Cheek To Cheek, which I do not like simply because its not my type of music. It has now been 3 years since Miss Joanne has released a solo pop album! & yes I said pop, Joanne is a POP album at heart, pop music comes in many forms..

  • Shelly Carter - Don't waste your money. Runs hot, stops working.

    This crockpot worked fine for the first few months. Thought we had made a good purchase. After a few months we noticed that, even on the warm setting, whatever we were cooking was still boiling. We also noticed that the outside of it became dangerously hot. It has now been 14 months since we purchased this and it totally stopped working. It turns on but shuts off after a minute. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  • Neil D. Goldstein - So far so good. Third month and counting

    I have an old Buick Century that I use as a local runabout, and to run to the train station and back each day (3 miles each way). I noticed the early signs of a bad head-gasket at about 195,000 miles (heat dependant on engine speed, temperature erratic). Then it started to overheat. I caught it before doing any serious damage and brought it to my mechanics (where I originally purchased it with about 160K on it). This has been a great, and loyal car. It filled my needs when I needed cheap wheels, and it makes a great station car now, but for what a 99 Century with almost 200K is worth, it didn't make sense to do a head job on it. They quoted me $1900 for a used engine installed, but that was also crazy, as the transmission could kick the bucket a week after replacing the engine.