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  • Retirednlovingit - Another Great Year For Street Atlas Plus

    I've been using Street Atlas Plus for years and it continues to be an excellent product. There are still plenty of extras that may paying for this program worth the money for me. I know the free internet maps are available, but unless you've used DeLorme Street Atlas Plus, you just don't know what a complete map based product is!

  • norma lyons - ouija

    ok this game is very fun i have always wanted this game as a kid I played it with a few of my friends and loved it. I searched everywhere an couldn't find it happy I decided to look on amazon for it I love it !!

  • Poppy Queen - Pretty good read

    A combination of a romance novel and a thriller. It moves along very fast and has plenty of twists and turns. I've read a couple of reviews that were scathing because of the typical bad boy gorgeous hunk and the willful young woman determined not to be taken in by his advances and the corniness of it. Yes, that's in there, but the rest of the story was quite good. It's not like it ruined the book, so why dwell on it so much and rip the author apart. It kept my interest and I read it in two days. I call that a successful book. Will I remember it next month? Probably not, but it kept me entertained for a couple of days. I would recommend it and will most likely read this author again.

  • Crazy Gracie - Cost, online meds or the Vet

    My cat was throwing up severely, to the point of foaming at the mouth, unable to keep her balance, and hiding. Also, lost weight, diminished coat, consistent scratching of her head and extremely hyper. Took her to the vet, had blood and urine test done. (Can cost some money, but worth it.) Vet told me it looked like thyroid, but was not sure until he got the results. I immediately looked online for thyroid medicine, ordered this product. Vet had results in a few days, it was a hyper-thyroid, prescribed meds (Methimazole), noticed a big improvement within the first 3 days. 6 to 7.6 pound gain in the first 30 days, her highest weight was 9 pounds, she is a petite cat. She only vomited once the first week, on meds for 30 days, gained weight, coat looks better, and she has calmed down.

  • gregory brow - Execelent weight control

    My entire life I struggled with weight I've tried everything from A-Z. Most people think and assume that fat burners and diet pills are a shortcut to weight loss or not safe. I have tried multiple brands of fat burners and have felt weak dizzy and just very unhealthy. Isn't the point of a fat burners to help you BURN FAT and get you on a healthier and fitter path? I used to think after my horrible past experiences would never take another supplement in my life, until I was introduced to NutriChemLabs. Their pills are entirely natural and unlike any other brand they promote there ingredients and highlight exactly what's in the bottle where most companies usually try to hide there ingredients. I'm not gonna lie at first I was very scared and nervous to take the pill due to past experiences, but once I built the courage I had never felt so energized and good about myself from a fat burner. Natures Burn made me feel so great mentally and physically. I have never been so impressed by the results and the process of a fat burner. What I love about the brand is they specify that this is not a "magic pill" and that there's no such thing as a "magic pill" it's proven researched ingredients that help you increase your metabolism, accelerate fat and preserve you muscle. I have lost 15 pounds and going! With hard work and dedication anyone can be on the right path to a healthier life. I highly recommend this product for anyone who's in the market for a natural fat burning supplement.