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  • Jason T Sherrill - Highly recommended with those that may experience anxiety issues from time-to-time

    This stuff works exactly as many other reviews state. I have a high-stress job and taking one of these in the morning with my coffee really helps me to relax. Highly recommended with those that may experience anxiety issues from time-to-time, as well.

  • MOJO - This is amazing! I had check engine light go on

    This is amazing ! I had check engine light go on. Code showed cat converter issues.. Put Cataclean in the tank. it worked.. No more check engine light and no more cat codes. Passed inspection... My cats have 180 K miles on them. (2) i never used this before. I will be using it at least 4 times per year, every quarter.. Very important to follow instructions.. Pour contents in fuel tank when you are down to 4 gallons. and drive until you are almost also cleaned O2 sensors! Then fill her up.. Again after three months and your cats should last a lot longer... Also use only 93 octane fuel...

  • Skip - Easy install, worked for me!

    The install was quick and easy, the monitoring is inexpensive and prompt - I know because the alarm was tripped when I was away, and the police were dispatched to find that whoever it was had gone, and I lost nothing...

  • Daisy - Great for IBS

    I love this tea, it is great for people who suffer from IBS. It helps relieve bloating and gas from foods. Great tasting too!

  • monica9965 - Not bad for small areas

    Bought it to clean tile in foyer, 2 bathrooms & 1/2 bath (all small) and laminate floor in kitchen (also small). Good value for the price I paid; glad I did not pay full retail price. Easy to use. Does a decent job of vacuuming up small bits of debris & dirt. Puts out a fair amount of steam. Does a great job if you're using it on smaller areas. If I have large floor surfaces or heavy floor traffic, you'd probably do better off considering a more heavy-duty steam cleaner.