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  • Theresa - Great Purchase

    The book came just when I needed it. The quality was beyond my expectations. The 2014 book is in my wish list and soon to come home.

  • Scraprageous - Works great

    Exactly what I wanted. I had one, needed another so kept with the Fiskars mat. Only thing is that it shipped rolled which I expected, but it had gotten squashed at some point and led to a permanent crease. The crease doesn't affect my use, but will always be there. If I had more time when it was ordered, I might have considered exchanging, but based on the abuse this mat has had to endure/will continue to endure, I wouldn't want to be without it - crease or not.

  • Kindle Customer - Great Read

    This book was everything. As usual Macy still hasn't learned anything. That stupid chick was so foul in this book. I couldn't even deal with her. Maleek and Stacey were something else, but I was glad when Maleek finally set things straight and made the best decision for both. Stacey ended up living her life happily with just co parenting. Killa was something else, but when she shed light on her past everyone understood the reason she acted the way she did. Mayhem played no games about Tiny and neither did her son. They were both so over protective when it came to her. Ramsey and Emma had their moment, but they got it together and I was glad. Those two made such a cute couple. I actually liked Shay. She wasn't what people thought she was. She had a great head on her shoulder. Joie was so much like Macy. I couldn't stand her before and she did nothing to make me like her now. This book definitely was beyond interesting and ended great. Lucinda definitely did that.

  • WenX - Super tasty vitamins

    I'm absolutely in love with these gummies. The biggest factor in me continuing to take a chewable multi vitamin is how good they taste. They are made with natural flavors and colors. This tabs have 5000 mcg Pure Biotin (90 gummies, 3 month supply) and there is additional 90 gummies for B complex vitamins and I am super pleased. The biotin vitamin is strawberry flavored and you can tell that it is a vitamin because it tastes like candy. The vitamin b complex is flavored like orange and they taste like candy too. They both have the direction of taking two a day. They also have 90 gummies in each one and if you take it as directed you would have 45 servings per bottle. I have been taking them and I like them. They did not upset my stomach and I did not have any bad side effects. I highly recommend this since these tabs are made in USA with no chemical or artificial ingredients.

  • Happygoluckyguy - Stay hydrated! Or burn up lol

    Just want everyone to know why the people who are complaining about the product are having that problem. Niacin will flush toxins out of your body. If you eat healthy and stay hydrated with lots of h20 the product is of average quality..

  • Erik - No fun, not well designed, broken at the core...

    I probably can't say anything that others haven't said, but I figured I'd say a little bit anyway...