Grillet Lab | Nicolas Grillet Lab - Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery (OHNS) - Stanford University School of Medicine - The Grillet lab at Stanford University is studying the molecular mechanisms of sound detection in the inner ear and the genetics of deafness and vestibular impairments.

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  • Betty - Amazing!

    I've waited for this book since Penelope released the blurb and oh boy, does it not disappoint!! I love the complications that Misha and Ryen had to live through to get to each other. I was fascinated by their 7year long friendship and amazed by the fierceness of their love.

  • T. Stuart - Great Device The "WORST" customer service

    I have bought the Original Magic Jack several years ago. ONCE the MagicJack (MJ) has been cleared of all issues: Compatibility with your browser, compatible and "adjustment" with your PC settings including recognition from Device Manager, also acceptance and adjustments to your PC and Internet Protection such as Firewalls and Malware and Intrusion Detection; after all these issues are cleared, it is a great device

  • Paul - The glue itself is great for its intended applications

    The glue itself is great for its intended applications. It was however, 2 months past the expiration date. I checked this because another reviewer had the same problem. Since I am familiar with the glue and will be using it right away, I am not concerned with it being a couple months out of date, so I did not ask for a refund. Would give the product itself 5 stars, but beware.

  • Stephen Sobell - I love bed head for my hair ( I have long curly hair)

    Iv always loved bed head for my hair and found it cheaper on Amazon ..$13 for 2!!!! I was disappointed when I opened the package and saw that both of the bottoms where a little broken, like the cream was about to seep through however the dispenser worked so they are usable. It did look like the seller tried to wrap them up good so it wouldn't break, so Im guessing it might of been the cold weather and being tossed around that did it.

  • Nick - Very informative

    Excellent read! Very informative and well written. Dr. Klatz goes through research showing the efficacy of HGH and how to boost your levels naturally or through prescribed use of HGH replacement therapy. This book is aimed at people 40+ years old wanting to look and feel 20 again, and gives specifics on how to accomplish this! Worth every penny! I highly recommend this for anyone interested in youth therapy or even healing of certain ailments that HGH can be of great benefit for.

  • Andrea Hunt - Great Skin System

    This skin system really worked well for me. I found that it dried out my skin if I used it twice a day, so I switched to using it once and the dryness stopped. It's much cheaper than proactive and works well. I also found that I went through the renewing toner much faster than the cleanser and wash.

  • joan mccabe - It certainly did nothing for me and was a waste of money

    I have been using this product for over a year and have seen no change in my skin. I was on auto delivery and had 5 boxes yet unopened even though I was using this product as prescribed both day and night.