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  • Fishy007 - Not paying $50 for a rental

    Media publishers these days seem to think that we consumers should be renting published works instead of purchasing them. The Draconian DRM used in Spore seems to hammer this point home.

  • Runatem - People's Best

    Wow! I bought some serrapeptase after doing extensive research to try to find something - anything to help with my extremely painful frozen shoulder syndrome. Frozen shoulder generally takes from 1 - 3 years to heal. The pain, particularly with sudden movements is unspeakable. After buying a bottle, I procrastinated for several months. In the meantime, my high schooler got a football injury and this product came to mind. His doctor recommended ibuprofen and of course I said forget about it and remembered the serrapeptase. The relief was almost immediate which inspired me to stop procrastinating about my own painful syndrome. I started with a conservative 2 per day. Mind you that at that point I couldn't get through the night without waking up 3 or 4 times to rub my arm with pain cream. I kid you not when I say that by the third night I was able to get a full night's sleep with no cream. Unbelievable! There is no treatment for frozen shoulder in allopathic medicine. Going through physical therapy which I did the first time I got it is like volunteering to get the snot beat out of you by Mike Tyson on a regular basis. No thanks. This is a product that really worked for me and my son. Over the ensuing months I've gained about 85 percent of my range of motion back and about a 90 percent reduction in pain. Definitely worth trying for any inflammatory condition. Just remember that consistent use is key.

  • chaneyk1 - Can't say I know why - but this one seems to be the best for my hair! A+

    Basically, how this started-it was winter; my hair was like straw-used a shea butter shampoo and had a knot mess like you would not believe! I was afraid I was literally going to have to go and get it all cut off. Vowing that this would never happen again-- i tried wen--I don't know - by the end of the day my hair seemed dirty or oily but was at least knot free. Then hair one olive oil- again, knot free, nice but by end of day seeming to get oily again.