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  • Old Navy Goat - The card was delivered on time but I could not ...

    The card was delivered on time but I could not download the program with the key on the card to my new Dell computer. I spent over an hour with the microsoft technician and finally had to turn my computer over to her so she could figure out how to get the program loaded. Totally unsatisfactory. I am guessing it is a microsoft problem.

  • Alex - Quality control issues inexcusable for price of product

    I have two of these keyboards: a Chroma that I use at work, and an Ultimate that I use at home. While they keyboards look and feel great, I've experienced problems with the switches on multiple keys with both keyboards. Sometimes, when I type a key, the switch will get stuck down so that the key command keeps repeating. For example, sometimes I'll be typing and the last letter of a word will repeat like thissssssssssssssssss until I either hit the key again or press another key. Sometimes it'll happen with the backspace key, and the next thing I know I've lost 2 sentences.

  • Nora - Mahogoney Finish Restorer

    Next best thing to actually stripping a piece. Doesn't quite have the same results, but restores to a satisfactory level when short on time.

  • Amazon Customer - Just Awesome !!

    Best vehicle I have owned to date and I am 69 years old. Rear Wheel Drive - 4 x 4 Off Road Capability Unsurpassed - Manual Transmission ( still offered ) - Moon Roof or Full Top Down Convertible & you can even take the doors off. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE !!!!! Quite possibly the most Personalized vehicle in the world ( not counting Harley Davidson ) and tons and tons of aftermarket products available. You're gonna go broke !!!

  • Eddie - Value priced oil - no stain, no fuss

    Works well in my Cecilio euphonium. Very little odor and non-staining. The bottle seals well and dispenses fluid at just the right rate. Value priced.

  • RobotekLLC - Three Stars

    Dumbed down version from previous SBS versions, I'm beginning to dislike Microsoft's Marketing department.