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  • Amazon Customer - I'm glad my other product was wrapped in plastic

    When delivered, the seal was already broken inside the container, and all the oils leaked out. I'm glad my other product was wrapped in plastic, but the oil was just coating the inside of the box. Since it basically has no oil inside, what I received was just a jar of scented sugar. I do love the scent, but just trying to get a small amount to exfoliate is nearly impossible without it falling into the tub. Overall, i wish the package's seal wasn't broken, cause now i have to find my own oil to add in order to keep it together and not have it spilling out at the slightest movement.

  • Michelle R. Danajka - Great for personal finance

    This is my first personal finance software. I just wish that it synced with my bank. It doesn't list BMO Harris. I hope they change that in the future. For now, I manually enter my transactions. It's so much better than keeping a handwritten checkbook.

  • RAMCO - Darn good...

    After a frustrating go at having my chalk either tossed or stolen at the gym I decided to purchase this small bottle.

  • Jeremiah - Decent

    I'm used to SolidWorks (with almost no AutoCAD experience) so this could just be me. I know this is the LT version and know not to expect what you get with the full version. I watched all of the videos which were helpful, but there should be much, much more available for help.