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City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • kb36 - the

    i love it although the taste made me puke when i took it on an empty stomach now i mix it in my silk and im nails are already starting to grow and my skin is definitely changing in a good way. i had faith in the product from all the good reviews i read but there was a bit of doubt.. Not anymore these vitamins do what they say they will do i feel great and i have no doubt my hair will be showing results soon. nothing is a miracle product but with the rite ingredients and condition's will allow anything to flourish including hair,nails,skin etc ! this stuff definitely has the rite ingredients! this product will be in my home for months to come. what your waiting for i dont know :)) best of luck

  • Northern Exposure Fan - A lot of useful information

    Attended a discussion by the author and found him to be professional and informative. Understanding your social security is essential before retirement.

  • Shopper - Love these!

    Put these along the walkway from my driveway to the main door (which is on the side of the house). I love how it looks and the little ambience lighting it creates. It does provide some light, though not much, and makes the walkway looks nicer instantly at night. No maintenance needed, no need to remember to switch them on or off. Obviously these will not work at night after a very cloudy, rainy day or it might only work for a short period of time - because battery did not charge during the day. But luckily for us, we live in SoCal so we only get like 10 days like that throughout the year. So solar lights is all we use outside.

  • Michele - The perfect bat

    This bat is end loaded, so it's not for everyone, but my daughter loves this bat! Her coach loves it too!

  • Shirley J. Kremer - Excellent product

    I mix 1 scoop with 7 oz. of rice milk and that is my meal replacement twice a day--the third meal I watch my calorie intake and I have been losing weight. It tastes great and keeps me feeling satisfied so I don't snack.

  • Amazon Customer - I get it very easily from intercourse

    I have went through life going to doctors appointments left & right for BV. I get it very easily from intercourse, this has been the only thing that I've tried that has worked & when I mean I've tried everything...I've tried EVERYTHING !It's so nice to know that this actually works. I had to use it for about a month for it to start working but give it time & it will work !!!! I would recommend this for any how has issues with unbalanced pH levels. I now have not had BV for almost a month now when I was getting it every 1-2 weeks & it's so nice to be off of those harsh antibiotics all the time.

  • W.W. - Quiet Space-Saver

    I purchased this disposal to replace my old broken disposal which was also an InSinkErator, not compact and with lower HP. This new disposal which is an upgrade in HP has worked well for the few months I have had it and is relatively quiet. It also does not take up too much room under my sink, for which I am happy. However, this model sports a splash guard with horizontal slits in two of the baffles which I worry will eventually tear with normal wear such as by pushing food down into the disposal. I don't recall my old disposal having any slits in the baffles. In addition, the sink flange on this model is not as wide, sturdy looking, and attractive as the flange on my old disposal. This new flange just looks cheap in my opinion, and since it is as narrow as can possibly be, I can still see the outline of where the the old flange used to sit. I wear a size small in ladies gloves, and it is a snug fit for me to fit my hand into this disposal. I imagine that many people with larger hands would not even be able to access the disposal should they need to. Just an FYI.