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  • Amazon Customer - Great product!

    I purchased this because our oven finally died and we needed something whilst waiting to purchase a new oven. This is a wonderful electric burner! It does heat up very quickly and gets VERY hot so be careful. But I highly reccomend this if you need a single burner for whatever reason.

  • Lori - amazing

    I only had the wood floors for about 2 years and they looked like they were over 10 years old. Finish was very dull and looked worn. I had someone come and refinish it for me and he told me that I was actually stripping the finish off when I was using the "wood floor cleaners" products that I would buy at the store. He recommended to me that I use the Bona-X and nothing else and I would see a big difference. It has been almost 5 years now and my floors still look like he just refinish them. You need to use the microfiber mop cover which they call it the micro-plus cover on the amazon. I'm sure if you go on the internet, you will find the mop to use this. I highly recommend this product. I got a spray bottle and just refill it that way as it is easier and lighter to carry and it doesn't take much to do your floors. Never leaves it dull anymore and it really does a great job cleaning dirt off. Amazon got a good price for this product.

  • maryjane_oasis - Another great read from Mark Edwards

    I really like this book, however I did not like the ending. All of his other books I felt a sense of closure but this one still has me wondering about a few things. I liked the main character a lot. I read some reviews before reading the book of people not liking her, but as a working mother I could relate a lot with the her desire to want to do well at work but also be able to be around for her child. Overall the book is amazing and I would definitely recommend it. If you haven't read any of Edwards' other books now is the time.

  • Orange mess instead of green mess - Great value

    A few people have commented that the sound quality is not up to their expectations. They are $45! The sound quality is great for a $45 pair of wireless headphones. They are comfortable and have a quality look and feel. Can't be beat for the price.

  • Amazon Customer - Exceeded my expectations.

    Exceeded my expectations. Fit snug on the wheel and looks good. I would purchase these again rather than pay the extra for the Toyota replacements.

  • Forester - You must read it to understand the rules... not for Saturday or Sunday football

    It's the best rule book in the history of rule books.... it has a few big words to demonstrate that you must be smart in order to truly understand it.... therefore coaches are a rarely understand the rules since they don't read it.