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  • Jessica B. - very nice

    I received this hair loss prevention therapy about a week ago in the mail. The hair therapy was nicely packaged and sealed and avoided any damage or tampering during its shipment. The hair loss therapy also arrived quickly thanks to amazon prime and the speedy processing of the seller. I personally have hair loss due to thyroid issues and pcos. As i get older the more and more it falls out and becomes brittle and is very prone to breakage. This hair loss therapy was awesome. and very easy to use and not very time consuming. I massaged the packet of the hair therapy in my damp hair and placed the shower cap on it. I left it on longer than the minimum because of the damage i have. The scent is nice and wasnt overwhelming. The mask is very thick much more thicker than normal conditioner. I personally did it at night so my hair wasnt looking oily after i washed it in the morning. It really does not take long at all and after i rinsed it out my hair was so soft! It also seemed much more healthy looking and less frizzy. So far the mask has really made my hair look great and i think the results will continue to get better as i use the product about once a week or two. As for the mask helping with hair loss it is hard to tell until further long term use happens but so far its great for my hair.

  • Ruby - amazing!!

    I had an antique claw foot bathtub with lots of rust discoloration, lime scale and real fine spider cracks in the enamel. I cleaned and prepared tub as specified and removed all metal fixtures and drain ring. Then applied the mixture. It goes on thin and dries rather quickly. Apply your second coat within hours!! I let it set over night and then applied the third and fourth coat. The results are amazing! A shiny bright white enamel coated tub. My tub is 5 foot at the base.. and 5 foot 10 inches from top rim to rim. I bought two boxes and have applied four coats inside and out, top to bottom, including the feet, front and back. I have about 1/3 of a can left over for touch ups. It seems to keep very well in the can resealed.