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  • Iowa Army Girl - I'm Awake Now.

    I definitely have more energy and it lasts all day. Not over the top, crazy stuff, or jitters.....just felt awake and good. Didn't yawn once at work today and that says a lot. Also, after a month of taking this, I was able to donate blood. Usually I can't because I have low iron levels. I don't know if Thrive had anything to do with it, but I do feel better.

  • KelleBelle - Though it doesn't clean out my white sink like a little bleach does

    Though it doesn't clean out my white sink like a little bleach does, this stuff is great for pans. It has more "tooth" to it than Bon Ami or Bartender's Friend for stuck-on egg and baked on casserole messes. I haven't had an issue with scratching, but I don't use it on delicate surfaces and I make sure to rinse my sponge well after use. Oh, and the smell! It smells like cherries; not strong like chemical smelly.


    I really enjoyed this book! Her name was familiar - mostly because of the Burt Bacharach connection - but otherwise I knew nothing about her. The writing is honest and real and totally non-pretentious. It felt like a conversation between friends.