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  • http://gerbermedical.com/an-amazing-lupus-case-by-michael-gerber-md-hmd/ An Amazing Lupus Case - Gerber Medical Clinic - 58 year old woman from near Palm Springs, CA in the hazardous waste disposal business had a 25 year history of lupus erythematosis, Sjogren’s syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, herpes zoster and osteoporosis. At our initial consultation she had pains in all her joints especially her hands, three ribs recently had spontaneously fractured and she volunteered that she couldn’t turn on her shower. She was on Plaquenil for the last 23 years 200 mg bid, Cyclosporin 400 mg bid and Vicodin several per day, many episodes of IV steroids and six months of Cytoxin in 1995.
  • http://gerbermedical.com/out-with-gout/ Out With Gout - Gerber Medical Clinic - People afflicted with gout, an extremely painful inflammation which frequently causes red, swollen, big toe joints can look for some new avenues of relief. The least expensive treatment, baking soda 3 to 4 tbsps in water over 4 to 6 hours, preferable at night can relieve gout in a day.

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  • bookluver1999 - The best money I've spent in a long time!!

    The best money I've spent in a long time!! I put a case and this tempered glass screen on my iPhone 6s when I got it. A week after I got it I was leaning over to close my car door and my phone fell out of my pocket as the same time. Needless to say I smashed my phone with my car door and the screen cracked. I was SO upset!!! Turns out it was the tempered glass screen that cracked and protected my iPhone screen!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I've been telling everyone to get one of these!!! You will NOT regret buying this screen.. EVER!!!!!!!!!! Plus since it came in a two pack I was able to immediately replace the cracked screen!!! OH!!!!!!!!! and one more thing that amazed me.. this screen is SO easy to put on it blew my mind!! I was use to those film screens that you had to labor over working out the bubbles out.... NO! this thing is so easy to put on!!!!! All I can say is if you need a screen protector for your phone... GET THIS ONE!!!!

  • Christopher Oswald - Cheaply made

    Looks great. But as soon as I started putting quarters in it kept ripping. And one quarter didn't want to go in at all then just gave and ended up putting a hole in the folder and now there is a quarter size hole on the cover.

  • K. Lopshire - Great story, actors, graphics

    "2012" is one of my favorite natural disaster/end of the world type movies. This movie has great actors (I love John Cusack) and the graphics are done very well. I've watched a lot of movies like this and you can definitely tell the difference when the disaster scenes are cheaply done. The scenes in this movie are eerily realistic. The story follows several characters in different places and situations, but even the characters not in the main story line are well-developed so you really feel for them and what they're experiencing. This is definitely an action movie, but it's peppered with romance, comedy and suspense, and includes those moments of uneasiness you get in a horror film.

  • Merritt - Overall best battery you'll find for the price.

    Bought this as a back up for my Galaxy Note 5 because it has a notoriously short battery life under heavy use and I can't afford to be stuck in the middle of the day with a dying or dead battery and so far I have to say I absolutely love it. It charges my devices extremely quickly and the fact that I can have both my Note 5 and Tablet plugged in for a mid day charge is absolutely fantastic. The slim and sleek form factor also makes it great to keep in my bag everywhere I go and so far I haven't had any issues. The draw string carrying pouch is not a hard case of any kind, but it's thick enough that I can just have the cables sticking out of the top while I charge my devices so as to keep the outer finish of the PowerCore from getting scuffed on tabletop surfaces.

  • Karen - Great Product

    I love this product. First, it works! No bugs bother us when using this product. It has no scent, is absorbed quickly so it has no oily feel, and there are no aerosol chemicals being released in the atmosphere. Plus, it is small and fits easily in my backpack.

  • Bill Grant - this treadmill is nice built and looks like good quality

    I just got it a week ago, this treadmill is nice built and looks like good quality. However, right out of the box one leg had some white marking. Looks like paint leftover or maybe not enough of black paint (looks like white spray) about 10 inch long and 3 inches wide on the bottom of the metal console leg. I have it in the basement so it is not a big deal, but Solo should inspect their item prior to packaging and make sure this does not happens. This is pure cosmetic damage so I decided not to return this item. Lets hope that the treadmill itself will be better...