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  • JAM_AZ - Fits just perfect on Tacoma 2007 TRD Sport

    These fit perfect, they bring a couple of mounting screws and a protective film strip for each side prior to mounting. They install in less than 5-10mins, very easy. They are shorter, yet, for that reason stronger than the factory ones, which flap on the highway as you drive. I still see new Tacoma's, Toyota still use the long ones, which will break eventually. The price on these is very reasonable. I am considering replacing the rear set also for these. Great product, and I see it's a great brand, made in the USA!!! I recommend.

  • Reviewer_90 - Essential for any beard grower

    Anyone who is growing a beard needs beard oil, and this is the cheapest, yet best quality oil I have found on the market. It works to prevent beard dandruff, and moisturizes the skin underneath the hair. The only problem I had was on the label, where it claims that this "enhances" beard growth. I can assure you that it does not do that.

  • Reginald J. Sanderson - Nice because it heats and cooks food without heating up ...

    I replaced all my inadequate tea\coffee warmers with this unit. Dial it to the right temperature you want to maintain your coffee at. Also keeps soups and oatmeal warm while you eat it. Cooks food right at your desk. Works as an extra burner in the RV when we are camping. Nice because it heats and cooks food without heating up the whole RV like propane does.

  • Ronald P. Williams - demo'd then bought a pair

    OMG... this is the best ski I have ever used. Was in Jackson Hole and Grand Targee for a week. Powder was epic. These skis out performed any and all others I have tried. From steep black Diamond runs to thigh deep powder in the trees the skis popped me into turns like I've never experienced. No chatter on the fast groomers. great ride. You must try these. You'll certainly be most impressed.

  • arox - My favorite show just took a dump.

    Well, congrats, Walking Dead. I didn't think it could be done, but you have jumped the shark. This episode seems to have been written just for shock value, but that is exactly what will ruin TWD. I have loved this show from the very beginning, but now I pretty much don't care anymore. I don't need to watch that sh*t.