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    This thing has changed the way I think about pottying. Without being too graphic, there is a complete difference in the way I feel when I'm done. I honestly don't know why anyone would choose the 7" over the 9". I'm a heavy set person and I have zero problems with the height. Take my advice, buy it!!!

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    This draft kit did its job through my whole 18 round 12 team draft. Didn't encounter a single issue. Definitely could be better though, the presentation is nice but it doesn't flow well.

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    My husband and two bad shoulders and sciatica. I have a cervical spine problem and plantar fasciitis (heel problems). We noticed within a few days of using this cream that there was an improvement. My husband could start sleeping on his side again (no lie) and it eased the pain in my heels. Stretching stopped working and I was tired and concerned about taking too many anti inflammatory pills. After 2 weeks this is what has occurred. My husbands' shoulders have improved dramatically. He has not had any sciatica in over a week. My cervical spine pain has decreased and most of all, as of today I have zero heel pain. We are really pleased, so say the least about Penetrex. We are going to purchase another so we can make sure we don't run out. I can't say if it will work for everyone, and we were both very very skeptical at first. But, it has worked and worked well. I cannot praise this enough. Anything thing will stop my husband and myself from taking medication is worth it's weight in gold. Delivery was fast and well packaged. So all the way around we are tremendously happy. Thank you Penetrex!!!

  • Kezia O - Lovely Packaging

    I have used this product only a few times when I skip my prescription Retin-A. I like the smell of it, and it works really well for overnight clear-ups. I use it under a moisturizing night cream.

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    Great case to take to the beach to protect phone from sand and water. I tested it first with dry paper towel inside, then submerged underwater for over an hour and inside stayed dry.I have an HTC One phone that this case fits. My phonecase has some rubber on it and it still was able to fit inside the waterproof case.. I can still swype my phone though it does take a little more precision and touch to get the words right. There was also room inside to put in a credit card and some money. The neck strap comes to a comfortable place on my chest, After getting the first one, I purchased a second for my husband.