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  • f.gibbs2989 - The fast way to lose weight

    This workout dvd was the perfect one for me because each segment is only 25 minutes. This is great for all those people who don't have time to workout for an hour or more each day. I have been able to fit this dvd routine into my schedule without a problem and I have been using it for just over the recommended 10 weeks to see results. I do one 25 minute workout and then afterwards I do the 3 minute or so cool down. I also normally do the 2 workouts on Friday, but occasionally I do not have time and have to do one Friday and the other on Saturday. If you are able to get both workouts done on Friday then you get to have Saturday off, which is a treat after working hard all week. Then Sundays are for the 25 minute stretch video. The set also includes a good quality resistance band that is used in a couple workouts. The only thing I would recommend to have present during the workouts is a yoga mat (especially if you have hard floors). I got 

  • jsorr - Excellent product, in my opinion

    Excellent product, in my opinion. Fit perfectly, easily installed, quiet and did not seem to adversely affect my fuel mileage. Never knew they were up there. Half the price of Honda's OEM item. If you have a late model CR-V, be sure you understand these cross bars will not mount on your car without the rails. I also purchased the rails from Amazon.

  • Ms. Trip - Outstanding

    Love the ending. Hope to have another book with the other characters and just updates on the past one. I'm glad Juvie found out about O baby not being his and glad Kloe was killed.

  • Darren Moran - How to avoid this book!

    Stumbled across this while looking for books on how to attract huge ships. This book is awful and vaguely racist.


    At first I was hesitant to pick up such an expensive cable for my new HDTV. My wife pleaded with me saying "Why are you spending more money on the cables than you did on the TV?" Well who has the last laugh now?

  • Ann L. Gund - A beautifully written revelation of the man's good deeds.

    I love it!. I am embarrassed to say that even though I know both Bill and Hillary a bit, I had absolutely no idea about the depth and reach of the Foundation. I wish everyone would read it so they could understand the importance of reaching out to foreign governments for money: it is helping millions of people. And, beyond the Foundation, the things that Bill has been able to accomplish around the world, thanks to his established statesmanship, is astonishing.