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  • Chas - 2016 Wrangler - It's Good!

    Yes this June the Internationally Recognized Opinionist JuJu bought herself a 2016 Wrangler Sport! - It's very nice! And because we chose the hard-Top model - it's very quiet as well! The IRO - the trouble-n-strife - the wife - announced that she's always wanted a traditional Jeep - she has a 2004 Jeep Gand Cherokee Limited (the names they come up with!) - but decided that the time had come to take the plunge into Wrangler country! - I must say the bigger Wrangler Unlimited type Jeep is too big for the two of us and our gear! - and - apparently the larger Jeep W is constructed of purest unobtanium because pricing it at fifty to a hundred percent more than the two-door lacks connection with the rational! - - - Saturday of Fourth of July weekend the IRO and meself installed a set of spectacular rock-crawler step-up tubes on both sides of the Wrangler and discovered it made the ride look even better and gave a substantial boost on climbing up into the - Off-Road-Rated Beastie! - thank you Jeep for having mounting holes and welded attachment nuts in the structure underneath - nice touch! - and thanks to the after-market manufacturer for making a quality product that truly did - Bolt-On! - - - But here's what I suspect you might really want to know - the 2016 Wrangler handles better than any Jeep we've owned - rides firm but nice - and has made a great commuter ride as well as living up to Jeep's off-road reputation - It's Well Placed that rep! - The Auto-Matic - I hear the hard-core moaning out there - but! - the automatic performs flawlessly and the torque multiplication provided by the transmission makes even off-road excursions on our property and in the region better all-round! - Lot less revving and slinging and slipping that standard tranny and no burned clutch smell - vast improvement that we first discovered in the Grand Cherokee! - - - I think that's enough info in this review of the 2016 Jeep Wrangler - after all this isn't an Off-Road Mag - It's for Amazon Smile! ~;0) VivaChas!

  • Steph B. - Magical Romance You Can't Miss!

    I enjoyed my first read by Katie Delahanty. The story flowed well and the characters were well developed. The magic between not only the two main characters but also their friends will leave you feeling like you are reading a fairy tale that you don't want to see come to an end.

  • Green Machine - Noticeably whiter teeth in a few weeks and all natural ...

    Noticeably whiter teeth in a few weeks and all natural. I definitely prefer this to the chemical strips. Just takes double the time to brush your teeth since I brush with this first then brush with regular toothpaste. Will continue to use this every couple of days so my teeth remain whiter.

  • Mae L. Lanclos - I wasn't impressed

    I had pretty bad acne in high school, so I was really excited to try the new Proactive skin solution with only 5% of people not getting results. Well, I guess I made it to that 5%. I found it did not help me AT ALL. My skin didn't clear up, and I made sure to follow the directions exactly. In fact, my dermatologist doesn't recommend it at all. I became much better off using prescripton-strength creams that my doctor recommended.

  • David Boothe - Delivery was quick and am satisfied with the product

    Delivery was quick and am satisfied with the product. The only problem I have is that it almost doesn't fit all the way around and I don't have a large head. They should make it in longer lengths. Other than that it has worked very well.

  • 41reviews - Allergic reaction after several days of usage

    I can't say that it worked because I was unable to use it to the fullest. I am allergic to something inside the ingredients. I believe it's the alcohol used in the mixture. It dried my scale up and made me itch like crazy. Unfortunately, I tried several other products but they all use the same alcohol ingredient.

  • Glass Town - I hate wearing a helmet

    I hate wearing a helmet. But since I fell off my bike, I now see the value of it. If I have to wear one here in sunny Florida, where the summers are stifling and humid, this is the one. When I stop to take a break and take off my helmet, my head feels the same, not instantly 10 degrees cooler, like with my last helmet, which was black and less ventilated. This one I got is white, and very light weight. I am pleased. Got the right helmet, even though I still hate wearing a helmet...