Forensic Fluids Laboratories - Forensic Fluids provides oral fluid (saliva) drug testing for drugs of abuse, therapeutic environments, and lab-to-lab. It's fast, accurate, and tamper-proof.

  • Try Oral Fluid Testing — Forensic Fluids Laboratories - To try oral fluid drug testing at your organization or for more information please fill out the contact form and a customer support agent will get in touch.
  • Oral Fluid vs Urine — Forensic Fluids Laboratories - When comparing saliva drug tests to urine drug tests, consider the characteristics of each and how they will benefit your hospital, clinic, office or lab.
  • Accuracy & Reliability — Forensic Fluids Laboratories - Consider the factors that make a drug test (oral fluid or urine test) result accurate, reliable and unadulterated. Compare the different drug testing methods.
  • Legal Education — Forensic Fluids Laboratories - Information to help lawyers, attorneys, judges and others in the legal field to better understand oral fluid (saliva) drug testing processes and results.
  • Science of Detection — Forensic Fluids Laboratories - For scientists looking for more information about oral fluid drug testing, the following summary is provided along with references.
  • Cost & Coverage — Forensic Fluids Laboratories - Oral fluid drug testing costs are comparable to urine drug testing. Forensic Fluids provides one complete price that includes every aspect involved in testing.
  • Staff — Forensic Fluids Laboratories - Forensic Fluids specializes in oral fluid drug testing, offering the fastest, most accurate, and most tamper-proof drug test currently available.
  • Careers — Forensic Fluids Laboratories - Recognized for innovation in small business by the MEDC in 2009, we'specialize exclusively in oral fluid/saliva drug testing using LC/MS/MS.
  • Contact — Forensic Fluids Laboratories - Try oral fluid drug testing at your organization or get more information about the services that Forensic Fluids Laboratories offer. We will get in touch.

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