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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • J. Rogowski - Easy, Lightweight, Perfect for Travel

    This stroller truly is light weight and compact. I was skeptical about how easy it would be to fold it up, but I shouldn't have been worried. Although I can fold it up while holding my 1 year old, it isn't that easy - it is, however, very easy to fold it with two hands. It is easy to push and maneuver, and super easy to get my squirmy son strapped in - only two things to snap into the harness, and the connection is large and simple so there is no fumbling around. The canopy stretches out a little farther than other strollers I've had. The "basket" on the bottom isn't very easy to slip items into; it is more of a large mesh bag - but it does hold things securely. When I fold it up nothing falls out. And there is a smaller mesh bag close to the handlebar which is the perfect size for your keys and phone. The handlebar is high enough for me to use easily, and I am 5'8".

  • Judith - A real page turner!

    Exciting, real, and suspenseful! Gets you interested right away. I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes suspenseful stories.

  • Bill Sweenie - Not a Complete Program + Stop Trying to Upsell Me

    As titled, this is not a complete program and serves as an incomplete introduction through which Anthony Carey can sell his services.

  • Andy S. - Are you f-ing kidding me?

    What the heck did I just pay for? A cheap camera with no apps/games pre-installed is what I just payed for. And the cost was $100.00!!! I thought at least there were numerous games/apps for free to make this thing a joy for my kid. NO, you have to purchase these apps/games, low and behold these apps and games cost anywhere from $5.00-%25.00!!! Can anyone tell me how giddy(according to the reviews)a parent can be to purchase something for $100.00 and willing to spend more money on apps/games for this device? If that is the case I should have bought my child a Playstation/xbox/wii with better graphics and processing speed! On top of that they(leapfrog) have a "discount card" for less than $20.00, which the value of the card is $20.00, that you can redeem on their site! Hello...most of the good/updated games/apps are $25.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • phillip recio - Wonderful quality pedals

    Wonderful quality pedals. Tough to get the brake pedal on, but well well worth it! One of my favorite additions to my r/t.