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  • Jeannine - Nice little motion sensor light.

    Arrived on time, no damage to report. They work right out of the box after 'unlocking' them, and I haven't had much issues with them other than trying to find a good spot for them where they will not get rained on. At the time I purchased this the online description of this item stated it is waterproof, however the directions that came with the lights states to keep it away from wet and moister locations. When asking about this I was told "The lights have an IP 65 Protection Rating. "Protection against low pressure water jets (all directions)"", and the waterproof claim in the listing has been removed. So my only problem is finding a suitable place to mount the two lights to avoid the rain and get enough sunlight.

  • Anngela Kichman - Says how nice it is but says its something hard to get ...

    Got it for a gift for my dad who collects, he loves it. Says how nice it is but says its something hard to get the coins in place.

  • Emily - great for my unruly hair

    While I admit to sometimes missing the satisfying feeling of a good soapy lather while shampooing, I can attest (after years of using this stuff) that it cleans well, without stripping oil from my dry, curly hair. I have also not had any issues with dandruff since switching to this product, and it had been a minor issue in the past. It smells good, too, without being too perfumey.

  • Amazon Customer - I like the looks and the comfort

    I like the looks and the comfort. I wear a 7 in the shox's so I ordered a 7 in the air max. They r a little big though, but not enough to return. I should have ordered a 6 1/2. Lots of compliments.😊

  • Sharon A. McGuire - It was the one must play on internet This was ...

    It was the one must play on internet This was a gift to a child so he could not play. Refusal to return since child did not know not to take plastic cover off So I was extremely upset probably will not order any toys or games for children from this site again

  • Cecille Chan - Anything That Gets Me Out of the Grip of Big Pharma Gets a Five Star Rating from Me

    I have been using CALM for years now and I have been off all my prescription medications. My BP is normal, the cramps that plagued me all my life is gone and I am off the grip of Big Pharma which is by far the most gratifying part of my story. I suggest that people taking CALM listen to or read the explanation of the Naturopath, Dr. Carolyn Dean about the importance of magnesium in our body and its interaction with vitamins D and K, and the mineral calcium. My husband and I have no faith in the mainstream healthcare industry. It is riddled with lies and manipulation with the sole purpose of maximizing profit.....sadly. Look at what they did to Dr. Burzynski.

  • CABeachGal M - Fabrics and stone tile

    So far, I've used this to clean up several items that I stored in a moldy garage w/bathroom I got in a new house. A dear cotton bright red and yellow quilt was very mildew/mold smelling and washing it did not help the problem. Obviously, I could not use bleach and I can't really take bleach fumes in the bathroom. I bought two bottles and sprayed every inch of the quilt, both sides and let it dry using a small space heater. It smells like I washed it (which I now will to get the particles off) and it did not affect any of the colors. I have several other blankets which I know now I can save and one upholstered dining chair I plan on saving too.