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  • Natalie - but I do feel a lot better, worth it

    Made my stomach hurt and tired. but I do feel a lot better, worth it. Still working on doing the rest just have to go through the upsetting process.

  • Ima Rascal - Works a little

    Works a little. Went back to other products based on various opinions of the product. Key features include:

  • kodiakcowboy - A must for preparation

    I utilized this book for 5 CLEP tests and was able to pass them all with the aid of this material. Many questions are similar, almost word for word on the test. I recommend this study guide.

  • Eric H - Great charger for households that have multiple electronics that need charging.

    I swear every time around I get another gadget that needs to be charged. They almost all have the same usb charge type and all need to be charged at the same time. Between my phone, my son's phone and Ipod and my wife's phone and Ipod I felt like I needed to add an electrical outlet to my kitchen just to charge electronics. Enter this charger which has fixed all my issues. Being able to charge 6 items at once is just what I needed. Each port will do up to 2 amps so you items charge quickly. I had a 2 phones, an Ipod and my GPS unit all charging at the same time and they all charged quickly. The charger didn't get hot like a lot of cheap chargers do when under load. This is one solid, well made charger unit. Definitely a great charger to use in my household. I would recommend this for anyone that has a lot of electronics that need to be charged.

  • Michaelst7 - Healthy Technology

    Excellent technology. Makes doing something semi-icky a repeatable, and even, enjoyable healthy experience. The packets do kind of tit you to this product, but are reasonably priced and can be stored for quite a while if done properly.