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  • MANU S. - Fun for kids and Grown Ups

    Cozmo is finally here. My son and I played hours of Anki OverDrive and this was a must purchase! My son is 7 and he loves to play with it for hours. I give him the iPad and Cozmo and he is off in another world with his new robot buddy. Then when he's done, I boost Cozmos brain by playing some of the tougher games and activities so when my son gets to him again, he's smarter and continues to amaze. We've also had Cozmo recognize everyone in the house and some of our friends. It's nice to turn him on and have him look at me and say, "Dada". Hahaha. So awesome.

  • maestro - but to go from a daily plate sized leak to nothing in two weeks is pretty amazing. Now it's been about 2 months and ...

    Have a 1998 Volvo v70 that was leaving about a plate sized leak from the power steering rack daily. I was quoted 1500 to replace the rack and pinion assembly. That's more than I paid for the car so I read up on this stuff and gave it a try. I siphoned out what I could from the pump and added most of a 12 oz bottle of Lucas. Within two days the leak grew smaller and smaller. Added the rest of the bottle and within two weeks the leak was gone! Now I don't know how big the leak was, but to go from a daily plate sized leak to nothing in two weeks is pretty amazing. Now it's been about 2 months and fluid level is consistently right on point. Don't know how long it will last but I have another bottle in reserve if it needs it.

  • Ann Imig - Required Reading: Laugh and Get Woke 101

    I'm Judging You could be subtitled "Laugh and Get Woke 101" and should be required reading for all of us. We can all do better, and Luvvie shows us how with her unique hilarious thought-provoking irreverent no-holds-barred guide. Bonus: slang conveniently annotated and decoded for even the whitest among us (raises hand).

  • Mama to Peach, Baba, and Bug - Not the Holy Grail of Car Seats

    Some brief background - I am obsessed with car seats and have read/researched extensively for the past four years since my first child was born. I am not a technician by any means, but I am far more experienced & knowledgeable than the average consumer.

  • Tbone - Best tablet I've ever purchased

    I've had a lot of tablets over the years, and this is my favorite so far. Great screen, very smooth function and Android 6.0 out of the box. Very lightweight also. Great price, which for me, with all you get, made it a no-brainer.

  • naeem akhtar - great

    it was good and reasonable price and good condition item great loved it. I would recommend it to all of you.