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  • SAVED - Worked for Peyronie's

    I was diagnosed with Peyronie's about a month ago. After doing research, it was evident that medical science offered limited options for its cure, and even those options had mixed results. Among natural remedies, Serrapeptase seemed to show promise, and Doctor's Best brand appeared to show better results than others. So I decided to give it a try. After one month of use (3 capsules of 40,000 units one hour before breakfast daily), the plaque is gone completely (the appointment I made a month ago with a urologist is still a month away:)) I did not notice any obvious side effects. I will keep using it for another month.

  • Stella - Do Not Purchase. Severely burned my face

    I seldom write reviews but for this product, I have to write one. Please note the distribution of review ratings (many 1 star reviews) before considering the purchase. I chose to be ignorant and thought this would not apply to me, but it did. My skin has always been healthy and not allergic to any product, peel or microdermabrasion procedure. However, this product gave me such a severe burn that I had to ice my face for half a day. Like other reviewers have mentioned, the burn did not start until I wiped off the product at the 6-minute mark. Then it was excruciatingly painful and my face turned bright red. I was so scared that this caused permanent damage to my face. I could not put anything on my face but aloe vera gel. For the following week, my skin felt very taut and looked tanned. Now, 3 weeks later, my skin is still very sensitive and I wonder if it will ever return to its former condition. Please take my word of advice and DO NOT PURCHASE this product.

  • Magani - Been wanting these forever

    Oh yes! Love them! They run quite big, I ordered half size up (9) and it is more like a full size bigger. A bit tricky because the tip/toe part is indeed a little tight, as some other reviews have mentioned, so although they run a bit big, sizing up is still recommended to prevent any discomfort on your toes. I personally like to insert cushions or insoles into my sneakers.

  • Amazon Customer - Incompatible with Office 2013 Products, NO RETURNS

    Caution: This software *REQUIRES* Office 2016 to be installed, which means you will *NOT* be able to install with while running Visio 2013 or Office Home and Business 2013.

  • tiredmommy - A+++

    This has drastically improved the showering experience for my whole family. I have very long, thick hair. Though we have always used a drain stopper, my hair was endlessly causing a back up of water and slowing the drain. My kids complained relentlessly about it. Once a month, I'd have to get on my hands and knees, take apart the drain stopper and clear out the drain. It was a disgusting job. Ever since buying the TubShroom, I haven't had to do that. I'm so very happy with it. As the only female in the house, I'm aware that it is solely my hair slowing the drain, so I take cleaning the TubShroom as my responsibly. After EVERY shower, I pull it out and clear it of hair using a tissue to grab it all and throw it out. Doing this, the drain is flowing freely and draining properly.

  • dassy - awful costumer service

    I have the vista double. I loved it as a single but the double was very bulky and hard to maneuver also it is super hard to fold so I always left it open which was fine for me since I have other strollers for car or travel. I would of given it more stars except the a week ago the bar at the bottom detached itself from the side frame which make the stroller a piece of garbage. I thought for such an expensive stroller I will get an excellent costumer service but I was dissapointed to discover that the warranty is only for 2 years and if I want a new frame (since it unreparable) I will have to pay the discounted price of $180 for the frame (not the basket and without the wheels, seat or anything else!). I will think twice before I pay so much for a stroller that the company can't stand behind its products.