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  • tbob - Great magazine--always has been with quality writing

    Great magazine--always has been with quality writing. The app works better on the iPad than the kindle--you can adjust the horizontal and vertical screen on iPad--not the Kindle. I recommend this magazine for the price of a dollar an issue.

  • Harold E Amos - Delorme Street Atlas 2014

    The Delorme Street atlas is an excellent program. Program wise it is the best on the market. The big problem is they do not update their street maps. I usually purchase a new Street Atlas each year hoping the maps are updated.

  • Francisco Ramirez - Perfect!!!

    I so happy with this software.. this is my 3rd year doing from home.. i am very pleased.. I do my aunt as well.. and some friends.

  • C in MD - Good workout-learn punches and kicks first

    I chose this workout for my cross-training routine while training for a half-marathon. The workout really got my heart rate up and felt like a good alternative to running. Compared to a video online I did my first week of training, this was a much better cardio workout. Having had a few personal kickboxing training sessions, I found the moves easy to do. However, if you are a true beginner, you may want to spend a little time learning the various punches and kicks first. I plan to continue using this workout through the course of my training.

  • HLMHugs - Had never heard of this before....and now love

    I had never heard of this stuff before reading about it on one of the blogs I follow plus a pharmacist pointing it out to me at one of our local specialty drugstores. I was originally looking for a generic hair, skin, and nail vitamin, but this stuff is wonderful. And you can't beat the price here on Amazon (Sam's Club now carries this). My hair and nails have always grown super fast/thick/strong, but my skin is horribly hit or miss based on what's going on in life. I noticed a significant difference in my skin within a week. Plus my hair and nails were growing even stronger and faster. I do not take the prescribed 6 pills daily, just 3-4. As some of the other reviewers mentioned, it really dehydrates you if you're not paying attention. I'll be using this regularly going forward. I hope you found this helpful!

  • For Realz - Works great, wish I had this years ago!

    It works. I bought this based on the recent positive reviews. The bad reviews were from a couple years ago, so I figured I was safe and I'm very happy with my purchase. I never floss my back teeth because my fingers are so short and fat that it is way too difficult for me to even bother trying. For years I have only brushed and used mouthwash, but I still get cavities in between my back molars. Either that or my previous fillings are wearing away. I feel like I'm spending $300 every 6 months to repair previous fillings or fillings for new cavities. The hygienist that cleaned my teeth last week warned me that my gums were too large and that mine were on their way to gum disease. It was an awakening moment for me so I decided I needed to find a solution. Typical floss is cumbersome and the disposable floss sticks are annoying. The Listerine Access flosser looked better than most flossing options, but considering it is $10 for the stick and $10 for refill packs I would probably spend more than $50 on just that a year. I didn't realize these water flossers were this affordable. It seems like it is cheaper to get this h2o flosser in the long run.