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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.7786 Kansas, United States

  • MaryR - not happy with purchase.

    I purchased this product because my nails are always brittle and break easily plus I would love for my hair and skin to look more healthy. I am very sensitive to scents and the scent of these are really bad they made me gag as soon as i removed the safety seal. They are rather large but that typically does not bother me as I am used to vitamins being larger in size but i could not get the pass the smell and the taste I did take them for a couple days about 5-6 days total and during that time I really didn't' notice much a difference but after that I stopped taking them and will not be continuing as they didn't help and due to the taste/smell was just to much for me.

  • Tommie Fox - I would be very careful.

    I used this and was very happy with the results until my feet started to not only flake and peel but also crack. They cracked up and down, sideways and in long wavy lines. They were bleeding on the floor when I walked and when I covered them it was worse. I could hardly walk and it was very painful. After removing a bandage, I could smell a yeasty smell and got on the computer. I had a very bad fungal infection. Nothing had changed in my life aside from the peel. My floors are steamed each week and are hard surface. My showers are bleached. I live alone. This has gone on for five months. I have gone through tub after tube of anti fungal over the counter cream. I finally admitted that this was not going to get better without help. I have gone to a doctor who indeed agreed that I have a bad fungal infection, which most likely had been introduced by the defoliant I had used on my feet. I am on medication, trying to avoid the really big guns that may ruin your liver in the process. I ordered several to give to friends because I just knew this would be a God send. They have gone in the garbage. I would not give this to my worst enemy. It has been Hell.

  • amanda - Should have just bought a steamer

    Bought this product in hopes that it would work as advertised. A bit disappointed. The sweeper part does not work well at all - barely picks anything up so you still need to sweep with a broom to get the floor clean and free of debris. The only part that does work properly is the steamer. It does heat up fast and it does steam the floor nicely - gets up grim that is stuck on, leaves a nice, clean shine. However, since the sweeper part is rather useless, you might as well just buy a good steamer for less money - you will not be satisified with the sweeper.

  • Alex - Kink

    This kink bike is amazing when u ride it rides so smooth you can't even tell that your peddling the color is cool the grips are soft and the tires will last a long time cause of the kind they are I hope you guys like this bike cause it is a great bike to do tricks with

  • 9696silvana9696 - in tradition

    I love it. It's fifteen years that I buy this calendar. It's representing my tradition. The first time a was living in NYC, now in Rome.