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  • H. Carlson - Good quality and it's always nice to have a stock ...

    Good quality and it's always nice to have a stock of paper plates around as you never know when you'll have a house full of kids or company.

  • Terrance & Joni - Awesome Power on a budget

    I've had this amp for a couple of months now and I can't believe how much I love it! I get so many "wow's" when I open my trunk. It's illuminated logo is beautiful and bright. It's large and substantial; about the size I'd expect for an amp with that much wattage. I haven't had a single issue with this amp yet. No overheating or shut downs. I'm using it to push 2 12in subs rated at 750 watts rms.

  • S. Whitcher - Quality solar charger & Battery pack

    After getting into hiking and camping last year, I bought this solar charger in the spring to try keeping my iphone charged on trips when electricity wasn't readily available. I didn't get to use it as much as I would have liked to this year, but the few times I did, I was very pleased. On a week long camping trip this summer, I was able to keep my phone going all week long with just the Goal Zero Guide 10 kit, and a 2nd set of rechargeable batteries. I would set the panel out in the morning, then spend the day hiking and such, then plug my phone into the battery pack overnight to charge. Since I was using my phone pretty heavily, I also had a 2nd set of rechargeable AA batteries and would sometimes change those after the first set finished charging. That way I had a spare set charged for the times when my phone started getting low earlier in the day because of more gps, internet, or other power hungry use.

  • Dave Gott - I absolutely love the vault within my center console

    I bought this product over 6 months ago and wanted to wait some time until I reviewed it. I absolutely love the vault within my center console. The installation was extremely easy, I am not tool savvy, yet it took me all of 15 minutes during sunset with little light. You do have the option of upgrading to a 4 combination lock, I think it was around 35 dollars extra. I am constantly throwing my sunglasses, wallet, and phone in there. If I had a girlfriend, I could probably use it to throw her clutch in there as the vault is quite spacious. Setting the original combination was also painless, and re-entry is fast. This product is extremely well made and provides me with the security of knowing when I am at the beach (which is every weekend), nothing in my car is in danger.

  • Anne Forrester - love that, and seems to be as advertised

    Have just started to take this product today. The product arrived AHEAD of schedule, love that, and seems to be as advertised. I will let you know more as I start with the product. So far, so good!! I bought this product because of the reviews. I did not read one single bad review; that says a lot. I have to take a liver supplement, because of some medication that I have had to take in the past. I no longer take the medication, but the damage has been done. This was the best product that I could find to help with the problem. As I said before, I will let you know as we go! Thank-you!