NoTube - Helping children learn to eat - With our clinically evaluated tube weaning method, you can teach your child to eat without a feeding tube.

  • Download The Ebook: How Does Tube Weaning Work? - Tube Weaning is a complex task, but you don't have to do it alone. In this Free guide you will understand how tube weaning works.
  • Download: 8 Reasons Parents Continue Tube Feeding Their Children - Download this ebook and learn why parents continue to tube feed their children and how every situation can be changed via practical methods.
  • Download The Ebook: 7 Reasons To Free Your Child From The Feeding Tube - In this Free ebook you will learn how you can help your child and how freeing your child from the feeding tube will change your entire family.

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  • BooksEtc - Unstable product - results in dreaded Blue Screen of Death

    Bought this product as a trial version came pre-installed on my new Sony Vaio. It worked fine for a couple of weeks, and then I noticed my PC performance slow down. Following that, I experienced a number of 'Error - Operating System not found' messages in the morning when I get to my PC. Initially I expected some hardware failure, but then, as I investigated further, it turned out to be caused by Kasperky when it tries to update its files overnight. Tried everything (KIS HelpDesk is non-existent) and eventually uninstalled the product complete. Installed Microsoft's free MSE and it works like a charm. Wasted $49 - no hope in hell I'll get the money back.

  • Not4sakn - Great laptop at a great price

    Great laptop at a great price. I saved about $150 ordering this through Amazon compared to my local Best Buy.

  • K. Smith - Excellent reception!

    I bought three different over the air TV antennas. All worked pretty well, but this one got the most channels. For some reason, the other two did not get ABC in our area, but this one did. We have one and now so does my mother. You can't beat the price.