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  • MizJones - Finally, A Documentary That Tells The Truth

    I always wondered why our president did the things he does, and what his real history is and why the media seemed so intent on covering it all up. Now I know. Through his characteristic soft spoken approach, D'Souza explains every detail of Obama's history, his father's history, and the men who mentored him up until the day he first took office in 2008. For the first time, I have a better understanding of his Kenyan/Marxist/Anti-Colonialist roots and what drives the man to behave the way he has for two terms. Why he's sympathetic to Muslim extremists while cutting off Israel, why he has so little concern for our well being as a nation (he hates this nation in my opinion) while going out of his way to funnel money to post-Colonial countries and the Middle East.

  • Joshua McPherson - My neighbor and I

    My neighbor and I have anyways been playing pranks on each other. One day he apparently ordered this stuff. He comes dashing out of his house with it in front of him as I was mowing my lawn. Running at me I think to myself "IS THAT PEPPER SPRAY?!" and back up. He comes within a meter of me and I hear a spraying sound. Turns out he got too excited and had the squirt nossel pointing towards his face. It hit him directly on the lips. I enjoyed the next 30 minutes watching my neighbor roll on the ground, vomit, and attempt to wash the liquid off of his face with a hose.