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  • You’ll need coffee shops and sunsets and road... - Real Fairy OG - “You’ll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips. Airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs, but people more than anything else. You will need other people and you will need to be...”
  • brookedidonato: 2016 is the year I filled... - Real Fairy OG - brookedidonato: “ 2016 is the year I filled everything with flowers ”
  • peridotsofficialtwitteraccount: IF YOU CANT... - Real Fairy OG - peridotsofficialtwitteraccount: “ IF YOU CANT HANDLE ME AT MY WORST, JUST REMEMBER THAT I HANDLE ME AT MY WORST AND THAT MAKES ME STRONGER THAN YOU ”
  • most annoying things about the signs - Real Fairy OG - most annoying things about the signs unpicasso: “ aries: “i’m an aries” taurus: super jealous and territorial but goes after everyones man gemini: judgy!! cancer: super specific about their sleeping...
  • ghosts-and-gays: homestuck upd8 culture returned... - Real Fairy OG - ghosts-and-gays: “homestuck upd8 culture returned in full force in 0.2 seconds flat we were always ready for this ”
  • breakingbad2008: i don’t care about things other... - Real Fairy OG - breakingbad2008: “ i don’t care about things other than lying on the rug in front of the heater, stop trying to talk to me about situations and topics ”
  • marshmalllow: the songs like “scooby doo where r... - Real Fairy OG - marshmalllow: “ the songs like “scooby doo where r you” but he’s always right there. like the fucking dog is never hiding or missing or anything so what the hell ”
  • me as a therapist - Real Fairy OG - me as a therapist cuckroach: “ patient: i dont feel well me: okay well i have it worse also didnt ask ”
  • mkhunterz: puppycastiel: I’m literally in... - Real Fairy OG - mkhunterz: “ puppycastiel: “ I’m literally in tears. ” Dear god ”

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    I really enjoyed this book and have read it twice simply because I do like the author's writing style and the message he has to convey. There are some interesting concepts here and excellent tips on job search; however, the book really gets into the nitty-gritty of bouncing around statistics based on studies, which proved to be somewhat tedious, a minor flaw of the book. The positives far outweigh any minor negative aspects.

  • Deanne Chapman - Awesome Phone

    I love this phone! Its versatile, clear and the perfect size. I love the fact that I can pick up WiFI almost anywhere.

  • christopher miklitsch - Love this stuff

    Love this stuff!!! Smells like laffy taffy and it holds even overnight when needed. My favorite product on the market and I have tried many! Not greasy or too firm. It's perfect! Many of my friends have switched to it as well. If your hair is longer than 3 inches it won't be very effective unless you use a bunch.

  • Slowdiver - Deceiving...

    In its ads for this product, St. Ives claims that apricots are the "key ingredient" because they are "known to contain one of the highest levels of carotenoids (think vitamin A) and super-effective antioxidants." HOWEVER, if you look at the ingredients list for this product, you will see that the only mention of anything apricot-related is the very last ingredient (Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit Extract), which means that there is only very, very little apricot anything actually contained within this product. I can't stand it when companies do this. They think they can boast their product of having the benefits of simply when, in truth, there is only a tiny, tiny percentage of that "something" in it. So while it's not necessarily false advertising, it is nonetheless deceiving.

  • Plumber Eric - Best Tankless Unit

    I was recently in the market to replace my traditional tank type water heater when it leaked with a Tankless unit. After doing intense research on all tankless brands I concluded that the Navien NR-240A was the best tankless unit out. Here were the key features that lead to my conclusion:

  • Stacy A. Schwartz - Weather Tech mats are the best

    I had been waiting for. Weather tech to make mats to fit my car. They are worth every penny. They really protect your car, and are easy to clean. So happy with my purchase!

  • Zachattack - Great, could be a little cheaper in price

    Looks great, easiest install (if you even call it that you just screw it in) ever. As far as downgrading radio reception, couldn't really tell a difference to be honest. I don't listen to the radio that much anymore these days anyways. That's what pandora and Sirius are for! I gave it 4 instead of 5 cause it's a little pricey for the piece. I think 15-20$ is a better, more reasonable price. 25$ is a little steep for this.