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  • Kim Walters - GREAT book!!

    I love this book. Since reading it 3 more people in my company have bought it. It is well written and easy to understand. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  • P. Gandy - Access 2010

    Access is one of my important programs and would be lost without it. I was forced to 2010 after using the last license of my 2000. As far as the 2010, I find that there have been substantial advancements from 2000. However, most are not what I need, but is more in keeping with the other present Office programs. The ribbon bar takes some getting use to in order to find one’s way around. I had the foresight to order Microsoft’s “plain & simple” tutorial which proved to be a big help although basically for what I use the program for there is not much change. I am still using programs created with Access 97 with 2010. Access is a powerful program capable of many things. However, for me at 73 years and retired and using it for personal uses I’d like to see a non commercial, less expensive version similar to the Office’s Student and Home.

  • Kevin Wilson - Always reliable

    I'm a fan of Kaspersky AV products because a) they work, b) they don't suck up resources, and c) nothing about them (support, updating, etc.) has ticked me off. I'd give this 5 stars except what I bought was listed as having a disk, and this was a download. Call me old fashioned, I like having a disk (in case I wanna do things safe from the internet) you can scan from, and I thought I paid for that. Regardless, it's a solid product.

  • Scarlamander - Tired of rip-offs from China.

    This product is not the legitimate thigh master. Instead of getting this, go to Suzanne Somers' website; she has a thigh master and butt master combo including a DVD and instructions, and it all costs half of what you would pay for this knock-off.

  • Amazon Customer - I can feel the burn!

    Booty Belt is amazing! It's comfortable and easy to use! Plus I can really feel the burn! GREAT WORKOUT!