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  • mspepe - Splat and Amazon ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been using Lusty Lavender for years. No bleach. I have thin light brown hair. Just past the shoulders. It was more of a Violet but I still liked it. Lasts about a year and I still liked the color when it faded. The lightest fade was a pink. As it faded down the hair it looked like I did a Ombre @ the ends. I got compliments on it even when it faded I really wanted more of a blue purple but reviews say Purple desire is so dark it is almost black. I mixed one bottle of Lusty and half bottle of Desire. Make sure you saturate all of the hair. I noticed one little area in the bottom back of my hair didn't get covered. Dang it. Cover w/ a shower cap. I leave it on for 45 minutes to an hour. It is just what I wanted ! Purple w/ Violet highlights. I can't wait to see what the fade looks like.Now this does stain big time. Keep a soapy washcloth nearby to wipe off if it gets on your skin. After I wash the crap out of my hair scrubbing the scalp and rinse until water is clear. Also cover any sink areas and use gloves. I use packing tape around my forehead and saran wrap my ears to minimize stains. There is no way to avoid staining the scalp. I take some Maybelline expert eyes makeup remover and scrub any stain around my ears and forehead and forearms (which was very minimal w/ the packing tape and saran wrap ) I wash it everyday for about a week using gloves and scrubbing the scalp. The color will run if you get in rain or even sweat a lot. Make sure hair is dry before you go to bed or lay your head against the couch or whatever. It will run even longer when you wash it. Just rinse until water is clear. I use a specific t-shirt and towel every time I color it.It will stain the towel you use to dry your hair after washing it too. I condition my hair w/ Nunaat Intensive Care Conditioning Cream, Pitanga and leave it on 5 to 15 minutes. Sounds like a lot of work but it is totally worth it to me.

  • new grandma - CSN fan

    Great Video - love seeing them together and happy. Bought several as gifts for other CSN fans we know. Enjoyed the song selection and great backup band. Also - glad to hear that they are writing new songs.

  • Mark Dillon - My wife loves it, especially where you get to ...

    My wife loves it, especially where you get to be the dinosaur and smash everything. The game is also a lot easier to play than most of the other LEGO video games with a lot of clues so that you're not just blundering around wondering what to do next.

  • Bobby D. - 1997 Ford Explorer

    No screws needed. Snaps in place just like the factory radio. Durable. Make sure you snap off the screw holes on the top before install per the directions, they are not needed. This is a nobrainer product to buy. Id buy it again.

  • John Nunez - Definitive Guide to Fasting

    Indeed a definitive guide to fasting. This is a book I've been waiting for ever since I began the Ketogenic Lifestyle. It can prove difficult sifting through all of the "opinions" of how and why to fast online...I'm glad we now have an actual trust source to be used as a reference for fasting as we do for Keto-ing (i.e. Art and Science of LC Living and Keto Clarity). Truly a great read.

  • Robert Morris - The overall installation was pretty straightforward once you determined front and rear and left ...

    I just received and installed the crossbars today so it's a little early to rate how they function. This review is more for assembly and packaging and overall appearance. I ordered the crossbars on a Saturday and received notice that they were being shipped on Monday. They arrived on Thursday so it is what I expected. When I opened the package I found that the bars were securely wrapped with a plastic material and the ends had a foam covering to protect them. Howver, there was no protection inside the box. They basically just kind of rattled together inside the box. Since the individual bars were wraped there didn't seem to be any damage. There was a small plastic package containing the mounting screws. The odd part about that is that there were 7 screws inside the plastic bag and one screw was floating loosely inside the box. The package with the 7 screws was sealed so I don't know how the one screw was just loosely in the box. As usual, the instructions were kind of vague. They did mention that the longer bar goes in front and the shorter bar is the rear. However it did not mention that the mounting screw locations were different for the left and right hand sides. To be fair, it does state this in the Amazon listing but not in the mounting instructions that came in the box. You have to measure the distance between the screw holes to determine which is the left side and which is the right, and also measure the length of the bars to determine which is the front and which is the back. It would have saved some trouble if the factory would have marked the bars with a little sticky which state "front left" and "rear left". That would have solved some installation questions and simplified installation. The overall installation was pretty straightforward once you determined front and rear and left and right. Just line up the holes and screw in the eight mounting screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.

  • Dennis - A Very Good Value

    So far I haven't noticed any difference from this product and the original hp cartridges, except it is about 1/3 of the cost or less. I have had it for about 3 weeks now and have been very pleased with the quality of the printing. I print quite a bit because I used the printer this cartridge is in for my work at my home office.