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  • Michael Anthony Vitureira - Anxiety Relief and Happy Juice

    I have had anger issues the majority of my life. They only got worse after going to the middle east for the US Army. After my tour I developed an anxiety issue. I battled constantly with it, every day. This tea eliminates all of my anxiety. I am happier, my work is better, people like me waaaaaay more.

  • ashley C - Smooth feet at home!

    This works wonderfully! I used it on my feet which are always tough and it gave me that just got a pedicure feel all from home. It was easy to install the batteries and use. I would purchase for gift sets. This is a wonderful product and works VERY well!

  • C. Grabert - Really need to improve the off angle viewing.

    Nice picture. I do wish there was more 4K content out there to see how good it could be. My only real complaint is the off viewing angle. Plain and simple, it stinks. This TV was to replace a smaller Panasonic TV which I love, with a fabulous IPS screen that can be viewed from almost anywhere in the room. It is now in my bedroom. I was unable to find a Panasonic TV with the size/features/price I wanted. It seems my dream TV is not sold in the USA. For some reason it is only available in Europe, so I purchased this Samsung. I like it but not sure I love it . I do like it better than a smaller 1080 Samsung that I also own. I wish I had looked more closely at the LG TV's that do also have an IPS screen like my beloved Panasonic.

  • bamf70 - Not bad

    I've been using Symantec and McAfee corporate versions for the last few years but decided I'd try this as it is consistently rated #1 in overall protection. One thing I don't like is like most retail AV programs it really lets you know it's there. The corporate products work and you see a little icon in the task bar and unless you try to open an infected file or they are running a scan you never see them. This one has an app that installs (not a fan of this at all) and when you double click on the K in the system tray it opens a window that's far from low key. On the plus side my computer runs well and doesn't seem to have the memory or CPU taxed by keeping this running like some older versions of Norton used to.

  • Mystery Achiever - I purchased this about six months ago; used it ...

    I purchased this about six months ago; used it for about a month with no probem-- no results, but no problems. Then one morning I woke up with my entire neck and bright red and VERY itchy. Of course I quit using it, but it still took about three days for the rash to clear. Fast forward... Thinking (hoping, based on the ridiculous price) that maybe it wasn't the Sub D at fault, I tried it again. This time the itchiness returned with the first use. I am so mad- at myself for buying the hype and at the Perricone company for continuing to sell this stuff. Save your money.