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  • valencia Taylor - Not recommended for v1 Kindle Fire

    Unlike InStyle mag, Marie Claire is not created to show on the Kindle. It's basically a digital version of the magazine, not one optimized to run on the Kindle. In order to view the content, everything has to be zoomed. Wait on this until they create a version of the mag optimized to run on Android/Kindle devices.

  • Socioqueen - Effective, but here's why it seems...

    So far what this oil does is make me use the bathroom - within hours of taking it. I think that's the "metabolic" effect in case anyone is wondering. I think there is also a placebo effect of taking charge of your food intake allows you to feel in charge and therefore exercise, eat right and in moderation. I think this oil is effective but it is not a magic potion. It is effective because these are the effects.

  • Julie Thompson - Excellent App

    I have been using this app for several months on Kindle Fire and an Android tablet and have not experienced any of the video issues described in these comments. Playback is highly dependant on your wifi connection. I personally love this app and recommend it to anyone with decent wifi and a Netflix account.

  • mehndiartist - While essential for Step 1, this edition lacks good editing

    Note: This is a revision of a prior review, written in the heat of anger and frustration in the midst of board studying.