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  • pegsimpson - I felt like I was the one in prison

    By the time I was halfway through this book, I felt like I was the one in prison. I didn't see how I would ever get out but I knew I had to. never would I have imagined I'd escape by helicopter. When Darren got to Tennessee, I still didn't see how he would see the light of day and not be shot. Thank you, Scott Pratt, for your excellent writing. You make reading such a great pleasure.

  • Mikholmes - Mini Tek have had it about a month

    Best way I can describe the Bluetooth sound is terrible. My cheap Bluetooth for my phone was 100% better. The connection is spotty at best. It also drops the connection constantly when on a call. And if it does stay connected it jumps from one ear to the other. I am to the point I am going to just use my cheap bluetooth so I can hear.

  • Amazon Customer - Good-bye yellow tones.

    I lightened my brown hair with a loreal hair color for platinum blonde. After using the John Freida color renew tone restoring shampoo and conditioner, my yellow is gone. Now I have the blonde hair I was meant to have. Excellent product, I would highly recommend.

  • K. Lynn - This is the most wonderful stuff for reducing stress

    This is the most wonderful stuff for reducing stress. I take it when the grand kids come over! It works great for a calming effect. I'll always have it on hand for those "curve ball" times in life. Highly recommend.

  • Paula Schnirch - saves

    our chrysler 300 came with only one key, i have always carried a spare due to a lockout as teen. this key saved us about $65,compared to the dealer! we still had to have the dealer program the key, and cut the key, but their blank key would have cost more.

  • Diogenes - Product doesn't work properly

    When it didn't work properly after installation, I had McAfee tech support guide me through re-installing it. They couldn't get it to work properly. One computer didn't update. A second computer's firewall didn't work properly. And on a third, McAfee wouldn't install properly on Windows 8, 64 bit. In all 3 cases, McAfee technicians to date have found the problems but can't fix them. And it's wasted a lot of my time. Unless you have time to kill, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

  • Richard Neal - Hallmark Can Do Better, Surely?

    I actually prefer the older version because taking three hours to install was very frustrating, especially when told it may take a few minutes and it took 90 minutes and it still didn't work and I had to try again, it kept telling me it was loading, but after 30 minutes I gave up, but when I did an update it seemed to work, but c'mon Hallmark you can do better!!