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  • Karen @ TingsMom - What if this was for real!

    So intense and entertaining. Scary to think this could be a taste of real-life. Enjoyed each page of this book, kept me engrossed throughout the entire thing. *I received a copy of this book.*

  • Darla H. - the best Timbuk2 I've had!

    I have had several Timbuk2 bags that were gifts from previous employers, but I bought this one for myself and LOVE it. I was able to pick just the right size and it has all the qualities I need as a frequent business traveler. I especially love the slip in the back that lets me tuck my bag onto my roller-bag. I also love that it comes with the adjustments for the front velcro as it's very strong and I love being able to have just a little for day-to-day and a lot for travel. The fabric is so classy and I love the reflective stripes for those low-light times in hotel rooms when I might otherwise kick my bag.

  • mama Kenz - Loving it so far!

    Just opened this today... I cleaned it up with a bit of dish soap and water and then blending it before use. This is my preferred method for washing... I used it on the bullet I had. I made a smoothie in it to test it out. It worked wonderfully, I would say on par with Jamba Juice consistency. It is not completely smooth, but it is the texture I was hoping for (i could distinguish flecks of the lettuce and spinach but they were just flecks). I only blended it for thirty seconds though, but my two year old who has strep throat/pneumonia currently loved it! It was small enough that it didn't seem to aggravate is "ows." We also made some deviled ham (I over processed a bit, I will have to adjust to this one vs the bullet, but it was still better than grating!) I also made a snow cone type thing/shaved ice for my sickie baby, and he loved it. It was a bit denser than I expected (kind of like a ball of hail) but like I said it made my little happy, so I am content with it.

  • Matt Calhoun - Aweseome bike, light, stiff

    I love this bike, it is stiff and fast. I replaced the wheels with a little lighter vuelta wheelset. For the money, I do not think you can get a faster bike.

  • Alex N - Order a size up if you are close to the next size, the compression can be a bit tight if you are on the mark.

    The color is nice, but I would have preferred if the whole sleeve were all a uniform black, it would look a lot cleaner but this design is still good, not too distracting or flashy when at the gym. If you are close to the next size up or close to the middle, then I definitely recommend ordering the next size up for a good fit and comfort. The compression knee sleeves are bit tight on me, I ordered a medium and the length around my knee is 13.6 in, which is still less than 14.2 for medium, but it is still a bit tight for me. The sleeve still fits me but it is slightly constricting. Being so tight, the sleeves do not slip down or roll at all for me. It does seem to help with the pressure on my knees when I am squatting, but I worry that as I keep lifting weights the muscles around my thighs and legs will continue to grow making the knee sleeves more and more constricting, for now it fits and I am still 13.6 which is a little tight for me. If you are a in the middle of the size chart or you think your muscles will get bigger around your legs order the next size up for the best comfort and fit. I got the compression knee sleeves for a discount for reviewing purposes, but came here to drop the honest truth.