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  • iLoveMyDiver - Why Add Stevia??

    I should've read the teeny tiny list of "other ingredients" below the nutrition chart on the bottom of the bottle closer. This stuff is full of Stevia. I didn't see it when I ordered, but my first sip I almost gagged on the taste of straight up Stevia. There's already fructose in the powder. I am really disappointed since the texture isn't bad and the flavor is good once the stevia taste subsides. I've been avoiding stevia due to auto-immune issues and its inflammatory properties, so I can't even use this now :(

  • Katherine Zechmeister - Bike comes with tire too wide to clear brake U-bracket

    We ordered this bike and it was delivered on time and the box was in decent shape. The problem is that the tires specified for this bike (2.35) are too large to clear the brake's U-bracket and the tire rubs against the bracket on the rear tire. Given the small amount of clearance between the rear tire and the rear U-bracket for the brake this tire it too big. We took the bike to a bicycle mechanic and he said the brakes worked fine and the tire was "true" but that the tire was too big/wide for the bike/gears. Our friend has the 2013 which came with 2.25 tires and they barely clear the brake bracket. We called Kink BMX (US) and they are going to send us a brake with a larger clearance that we will have to install ourselves. Friendly customer service but could have been avoided if they had assembled the bike with a more appropriate tire size.

  • Amazon Customer - Love it

    This replaced a 23-year-old spring mattress, so I can't say how it compares to memory foam, latex, what-have-you. But this mattress feels great. It's definitely like nothing else I've felt before. Lying on the mattress feels like you're being held: I feel equal pressure along my body where it comes in contact with the mattress. With my old mattress, I'd feel more pressure on my hip and shoulder (I'm a side-sleeper), but not with this one. This makes you feel like you weigh less, if that makes sense. We've only had the mattress for about 3 days so far, and I was expecting to take a week or more to adjust to the new feel, but I'm definitely sleeping more soundly already, and not shifting positions all through the night.

  • brett merkle - farce

    this product is a farce, way over priced,very small bottle and not easy to use,cant get it on paint,CMON MAN

  • Blue Dragonfly - Great hold that dries clear for almost every kind of use

    This is a very effective glue for fabrics and needs only a little for a permanent hold. It dries clear and works very well on my wrapped fabric baskets for areas that are difficult to sew and need a good hold. I'm so glad that Amazon has it available as it is hard to find in my area.