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    I really wanted to like this iron and after seeing it on my Facebook and Instagram for months I finally bought one. I tried it immediately when I got it when clean blowed out hair. It did nothing at all. I watched about 5 tutorials on YouTube and it still did nothing. I got the slightest curl maybe two times out of the hour I spent playing around with it. The worst part is that it fried my hair so bad my hair smelled burnt for two days afterwards, and I wash my hair every morning. It is absolutely not worth it. I was one of the ones reading the reviews like "well maybe they did it wrong" or "I'm sure mine will be different" but no. Listen to me and all the other bad reviews. Don't do it. Save your money. This thing should be a magic wand for $200. DON'T BUY IT!!

  • Justice Robles - Very good

    The laptop was everything I was hoping for and more. It got here ahead of time which is a first. The boxing leaved a little to be desired but the laptop had no damage and was pristine. Great low budget laptop.

  • Rose - Love the Volume

    I love the volumizing lift it gives your hair. This is my second one in a year. I felt it last long, doesn't need a lot of product to do the job. I would recommend this to my friends.

  • Amazon Customer - I highly doubt this is MOPAR

    Item stated it was MOPAR but I question that claim. Feels good and sturdy in your hand and seems legit, but when I tried to put it on my 2016 it would not seat at all. Spin around and leaves a gap between Jeep body and fuel door. Has a little plastic pin/tab that seems like it should sit in the hole in the Jeep body to prevent spinning but it was on the wrong side of the fuel door so you have to cut it off to make the thing even remotely sit flush. Didn't read all the reviews when I ordered so I was surprised when a MOPAR part was shipping from China.

  • Rebecca L Whitefoot - Great!!!

    This is a nice heavy duty cable .This cord is everything I wanted and more! It has the length and it works.

  • Amazon Customer - Trying this brand to replace the milk but is the worst taste I 've ever had

    After buying the products: cream cheese plain , mac & cheese and this one it was wasting my money. Trying this brand to replace the milk but is the worst taste I 've ever had.

  • Inked Phoenix - It works only if YOU work!

    I'll start this off by saying I didn't have to lose much weight but not in my former "fighting shape". Don't take that as me being a real fighter though I used to do MMA style workouts and really enjoyed those- but lets face it, 2 hours or more in the gym is time I'd rather be elsewhere. I was uber bored of cardio work outs with regular gym equipment and reached a plateau- so I got lazy about my exercise and didn't like the place I was at. I needed to tone and lose a few pounds and decided Shaun T was the person to do it. I'm impressed. The work outs are definitely work, but by the time I start to want to curse Shaun T's name (sorry Shaun) it's over. I saw results. What little fat I had disappeared and my body is reshaped. I'm still not exactly like one of his cohorts on the dvd and have some more work to do but I'm much happier where I'm at and I have continued on to the Gamma cycle to gain strength and tone. I foresee myself continuing with this program to maintain because it is short, you sweat, you feel the work outs (so you know you aren't slacking) and yes, it can even be fun (absolutely not boring).