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City: 4.5796 South Holland, Netherlands

  • Michael Buchko, Jr. - Don not buy--Ads Ads Ads---unless you love Ads

    I've been a loyal PAID (not free) avast user for over 10 years. The last update, the paid version not the free one, to 2014 introduced lots of advertisements. And they do not stop!!!!

  • Gigi - Exfoliate this! or not lol

    First time user! It's ok/cool. I think it's a little harsh for my "sensitive" skin but I use it probably about 4 days per week. I use it with my cool "Clarasonic" which I love btw.... I'll use this cleanser until it's done and try to find another one that has more of a silky smooth feel to it. If you have suggestions, please let me know ! :) thanks!!

  • mbuck - What are you nuts?

    I have been using this skin mask for about 9 months now. I was shocked to read all the negative reviews! All the points made about a tingly feeling when you put the mask on, a tight feeling, mild smell, difficult to remove are so minor I can't believe these are the major points of complaint. This mask works wonders! I wish I could post a before and after picture of my face so you could see the incredible difference. The darker brown tint that was on my skin has completely receded. My skin looks so clear! I feel like it has taken seven or eight years off of my face and that's in only 9 months of use. A few minutes of scrubbing in the morning is a small price to pay for results like this. I started using the mask on a recommendation from a friend (whose skin had improved dramatically so I asked her secret). It took about two weeks for me to start seeing a difference but every day I use it I can see areas that are lighter and lines that disappear. I have people all the time asking what I use for my skin. Yeah, it's that good. I have a friend that has been getting chemical peels for a more youthful appearance. I feel like my results have been better than the chemical peels without treating my skin harshly. This is definitely worth trying. Once you see how well it works, you will be converted!

  • Robin Haws - ... product because I wanted to really give it a good try before deciding on if I like it

    I've been waiting a little while to review this product because I wanted to really give it a good try before deciding on if I like it. And I love it! I have adult hormonal acne and my son has preteen hormonal acne. Nothing works for either of us. Since using this cream, my skin is smoother than ever, my complexion is evening out, and my cystic acne is clearing up quickly. In addition, I've had no new breakouts in the two weeks I've been using it. My son's very broken out skin is also clearing up with no new breakouts. I apply morning and night all over my face and have found that putting a little extra cream directly to the specific acne spot before bed helps it disappear even faster. I'm going to definitely keep using it and will be purchasing more. With the results I've seen in the last two weeks, I'm excited to use it longer.

  • cjmjh - Great travel bag

    This bag has all the right stuff for day trips on business. Plenty of space for laptop and well as presentation materials. An9ther great bag from Timbuk2.

  • curt wilken - Men stay away from this product!

    This product contains a lot of soy. Soy contains isoflavones and are a naturally occuring plant ESTROGENs in soy protein. These estrogens can mess with your hormone levels. There are also enzymes in soy that act as anti nutrients and can block the absorption of amino acids. I took this stuff for a week before I had a terrible side effect. It made it hard to breath at night during sleep and I took it in the morning. I highly doubt that this product supplements 8+ veggies and herbs. The scoop is itty bitty. I did not feel more energy, so I will throw the rest out. The taste wasn't bad and I didn't really feel or see any signs of detoxification. I have been working out all my life and try new things once in a while. Lately I have been very disappointed by what is being sold out there. Men should stay away from this product. Use of this product could lead to man boobs.