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  • John Galasso - Great concept, imperfect execution

    I bought this to plug in headphones while at my construction job, hoping to save my phone some wear and tear. Everything worked properly. All the functions were reliable. Always connects promptly. The problem for me is the quality of connection and range. Listening to audio books, if I venture even 10 feet from my phone, it cuts in and out. Range is less if I'm moving around. When I use it to stream audio to a stationary sound system it works great. I suppose the usefulness depends on what you want to do with it. The included double tipped mini plug is great.

  • KORT - epic

    This game is similar to deer hunter reloaded and there both beast! I would recommend it to anyone that likes hunting

  • Erin zhao - Great Racket

    Good racket with practical price. I received a blue racket instead of a read one. If it gets me another choice to choose the color, I will definitely choose the red one. Then it is perfect.

  • Anonymous - My face and neck swelled like crazy and having trouble breathing

    I have serious allergic reaction. My face and neck swelled like crazy and having trouble breathing. Stay away from scam. I just used it for 3 days. I am actually writing this comment from hospital. It is important for people to know that this product can be life threatening.

  • craftsman - OK tool but not what expected

    some rusty parts upon delivery so, needed cleaning before use, the hole cutter not balanced quite right, wobbles when started up but once drill bit is engaged in material the unit cuts well. Works real well in fiberglass such as in a boat bulkhead. Have not tried in wood. has difficulty cutting poly cutting board material, cutting bit jams in this soft material so exercise caution when using. Width adjustment mechanism is fairly accurate using the provided measuring gauge to determine overall diameter of cut but, needs a tool ( such as 2 small screwdrivers ) to readjust due to the tightening mechanism jamming tight after drilling. Thought it had a dust extraction port to allow attachment of vacuum hose, it does not. Overall a decent tool but was hoping more quality since it is referenced as a "professional" tool. Probably can go with the much cheaper unit and still get the job done, the cheaper model doesn't seem to come with a carrying case ( big deal ) .

  • Amazon Customer - Very Very Bad Egg Poacher

    This product is worthless. Follow the instructions to the t and still the eggs blew up all over in the microwave. Not only that, cleaning the egg poacher is also a pain. I spent more time cleaning the microwave and the egg poacher than actually enjoying poach eggs. Just going to do the old fashion way.