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  • Man Lam - Love the look of the Antenna

    I was worried that the Antenna is not compatible with my car, but it turn out that the antenna works. If compared to factory antenna, the stubby antenna is not perfect cause it lost reception in some locations when I drove on the freeway. I can hear the sound drop and it's not clear like the factory antenna. For the stylist and look of the stubby antenna, I love it and its works on my Sienna.

  • kim winter - The plug side of both the Megaspeed Chargers were scratched ...

    The plug side of both the Megaspeed Chargers were scratched and the charge time was so slow that we switched to another charger set after 3 hours. Sorry!

  • Bogda - Avoid this Software

    I used to LOVE Kaspersky, but not anymore. I put this on a BRAND NEW Windows 7 computer. Worked fine at first, then I noticed my computer was SLOWING WAY DOWN. It kept asking me to update which I did and then my brand new computer got the blue screen of death several times. I was able to reset my computer back to an earlier Windows update and got it to at least work again. It seemed fine but then my computer would freeze up at 15% when Kaspersky was updating itself. It would ALWAYS freeze at 15%. The start button on the screen would not even work at this point. I had my friend who is a computer expert look at it. He removed the Kaspersky from my computer and my computer is back to normal and fast again. I now have Norton on my brand new computer (that I'm typing this on) and have had absolutely NO PROBLEMS ever since removing Kaspersky. I'm so disappointed that there wasn't even a phone number to call because I couldn't get online. They could at least provide a phone number inside the packaging, but NO! Now I've got $30 down the drain because you can't return opened software. Sorry Kaspersky, I'm back with Norton.

  • Jeanine L. Smith - waste of money

    This product works until you actually move your face. Then it looks as though you have applied a layer of white glue to your skin and it krinkles. Its fun for about 5 minutes/

  • Mike KR - I was excited for a new edition, unfortunately, recycling happens.

    I have been tutoring the ACT for seven years with great success. I am certified in Mathematics, Social Studies, and Special Education.