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  • zen drive - Excellent TV for the price

    The picture is fantastic right out of the box and the sound is surprisingly good. The TV stand pieces angle out at about 20 degrees. Dimensions of the stand are 35.75 inches wide from the outer edge of each piece and 8.5 inches deep, therefore you'll need a TV stand/dresser that's at least 37 inches wide. Energy usage is rated at $9 per year based on 5 hours of daily viewing. I would certainly buy this TV again.

  • Steve Leeper - Not quite bad enough

    Hartman does an excellent job describing the threats we face and the causes of the coming collapse, but his survival instinct has caused him to minimize or underestimate the chaos we are about to endure. His proposals at the end for how we should recover from the collapse and make a better world don't seem to fully appreciate the magnitude of the changes that are coming. Can't blame him. He's already being attacked for being "negative," but if he had said, "We have to get into permaculture and learn how to grow our own food and make our own clothes and otherwise live without oil and we have to do this as fast as we can," I would have given him five stars.

  • sheema - Yasss nicole yasssss!!!

    Dang where do I start...I couldn't put this booked down for nothing. Team wale lol . him and key was crazy but real I loved that about them. And truly understand loving that person you just can't let go . this is a banger!!!

  • Dirkdaddy - Not as good as I'd hoped for

    Unlike perhaps some users I am coming from a reasonable woodworking background, having used other jointing meathods such as biscuits and rabbits. This is fast way of making joints, but there are some drawbacks.