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  • Esther J Threlfall - Over priced, tastes awful, made me feel I'll

    I was persuaded to give the challenge a go by a friend who'd had success on it. I was sold it as tasting delicious and value for money. This couldn't be further from the truth. The shakes are disgusting and very sickly tasting and it is just about one of the most expensive diets I've ever tried! They don't include the extra costs of food or your 2nd snack in their calculations but compare the price to those who do. The diet itself left me feeling hungry and for almost the entire 90 days I felt sick, light headed and severely lacking in energy to the point that I could not continue my usual level of activity.

  • Rule 62 Ken - Excellent Even-handed Chronicle of Obama v. Romney

    Readers who are wishing for an unbiased, non-slanted retelling of the story of the 2012 US Presidential election will find what they wish for in Dan Balz' fair and thorough offering Collision 2012: Obama vs. Romney and the Future of Elections in America. The book is broken into three sections entitled The Pivot, The Republicans and The Choice. Two things are especially delightful about this book: (1) The author gets much of the story straight from the horses' mouths. Most of the candidates for the GOP nomination and many who decided not to run meet with the author for extensive interviews and many of the conclusions that Balz comes to are ones that the subjects of his book do not take issue with. An entire chapter near the end of the book is devoted to a post-election interview that the author has at Mitt Romney's home and it is quite insightful in itself. (2) The author refrains from making political judgements that conclude that any party or candidate is good or bad. He is very respectful of all of the candidates, in the style of a Walter Cronkite or some other iconic plugged-in professional. That's not to suggest that he doesn't make any judgements, quite the contrary. Balz is quick to criticize many of the strategies employed by both campaigns and is fair in his criticism. This is best shown by the fact that the candidates and campaign staff that he interviews do not take exception to any of his characterizations. He is also quick to explain many of the perplexing decisions facing the candidates and their campaigns, giving the reader an understanding of why they did what they did or didn't do.

  • Amazon Customer - You'll be better for reading this book

    I just finished reading I'm Judging You. I can't recommend it enough and want to give it bonus stars. You'll be judging yourself (and everyone else!) while you read, it makes you do a double-take inward..but keeps you laughing all the while. If you read Awesomely Luvvie on the regular, you'll love this book - it's the blog on roids!

  • Drew - Hopeful

    Just got item. Arrived quickly. Hoping it lives up to its consumer reports, top scratch remover title. Original box that is was in was smashed up inside the bubble wrap envolope but everything is included and undamaged inside. No need to take a star off for that. Looking forward to using it on my black car..and everyone who has owned one knows the troubles i refer to. Cheers.

  • rhonda - Worked for a while...

    I bought Proactiv for my son about 2 years ago, and it seemed to work fine with him only having a few blemishes here and there; however, after using it for about the second year, his eyebrows started to change color. After about three weeks from when I noticed his eyebrows chaning color, they had gone from dark brown to a light brown with blonde and orange mixed in! It looked like a clown as he said! Also, some of his brown towels dyed into an orange color. Now, I'm switching him to a prescribed acne medication that he hopes will work a lot better and that it will not dye his eyebrows. Just another note, Proactiv takes a long time to put on, and it can be a pain to put on everyday, twice a day. My son does not reccomend Proactiv at all! It's a terrible product, and it is quite expensive too!

  • amh1 - Amberen doesn't work

    I really wanted this product to work and so I followed the instructions carefully. I noticed absolutely NO difference in my symptoms. I kept track of hot flashes, insomnia and heart palpitations. There was absolutely no change in the 90 days during which I took the product. I also did not lose weight, though that is not what I took it for.