ammoGO | Earn Free CS:GO Skins - In the future, instead of banning more experienced players because you cant accept that they might be better than you, consider instead keeping calm and coming up with new techniques to deal with these players. In the Group stage, the eight teams making it through to the Upper Bracket were divided into the group winners Newbee, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid and LGD Gaming and the teams that finished second in the table OG, Digital Chaos, Fnatic and MVP Phoenix. Those two clashes take place around teatime UK time on Thursday 9 th June with the Upper Bracket Final taking place on Saturday 11 th June and the winner of that clash going into the Grand Final for the Best of Five clash on Sunday 12 th June.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Cookie - A Point Has Been Proven

    The fact that this game was leaked, hacked and cracked before its release, combined with the horrid review scores being posted around the web, just proves all the critics were right. Insane DRM DOES NOT PREVENT ANYTHING, it only serves to PUNISH people who obey the law and try to support a product. That said, I'd like to thank EA for helping me to make the decision to never pre-order anything ever again.

  • William Aiken - Overall a good thing

    I check with a nutritionist who said after reading the contents of some the pills that this part of the cleanse were a marketing ploy. I did lose weight and feel better. Hopefully the cleanse will lead me to long term healthier habits.

  • Christine Smith - Moosh shampoo

    Have only used it once so far but I liked the way it cleaned my dog. I have a dog who is always oily feeling and it seemed to get him clean. I like the feel of it and the smell. I think it is a pretty good product.