Crossroads 4 extra Virgin Olive Oil - Estate Bottled Extra Virgin Olive Oil from 12 leading producers in Italy Spain and California. 24 Award Winning mono-varietal and blends from the 2105 Harvest

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Crossroads 4 Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Extra virgin olive oil from 10 leading producers in Italy and Spain. 18 Award Winning mono-varietal and blends, EVOO profiles from delicate to intense fruit.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil What You Need To Know - Extra virgin olive oil from the best producers in Italy and Spain. A how to buy EVOO 2014 guide, Advice on how not to get scammed, health benefits & recipes.
  • Chacewater Olive Mill and Winery Lake County California - Chacewater Olive Oils win medals for their superb quality in some of the worlds top events like the NYIOOC and LAIOOC every year. 3 of California's best EVOOs
  • OlioCRU Origini Casaliva - OlioCRU Origini Casaliva is big bold Extra virgin Olive Oil from Alto Adige in Northern Italy made from Casaliva olives... this is a bucket list EVOO for sure.
  • EVOO 2015 La Cultivada HOJIBLANCA - La Cultivada Hojiblanca, organic extra virgin olive oil from Spain is an incredibly high quality EVOO, Incredible mouth feel with a finish of apple and almonds

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  • C Weems - Add 3 sheets of wet/dry paper and Windex to do a BETTER and FASTER job PLUS tips on warranty registration.

    Kit works great however if you have some 600, 800 and 1500 grit wet dry paper you can do a far better job in less time. The kit jumps from 400 to 1000 grit and then to 2000 grit. These jumps are too big. You either spend an inordinate amount of time using the 1000 and 2000 grit papers or leave some 400 grit scratches. For instance the 600 grit paper will quickly do a good job of removing the 400 grit scratches far faster and better than the 1000 grit paper. Same thing on the jump from 1500 to 2000 grit: use the 1500 grit paper for better results. I also used Windex as a wetting agent and lubricant. It works so well that your paper hardly wears at all. I'm going to try using a buffer and compound to get a haze free surface before I apply the UV protectorate. As it is once the UV coating is gone you still have only a 2000 grit haze underneath. As new the surface is gloss and then coated. Why not do the same thing?

  • Shanna R. Eisner - No appetite.

    My appetite has decreased by about 75% and that is really helping me stick to my diet and not snack. It only makes me feel a little jittery and I can still sleep at night.

  • M. Juel - UTI's

    I have a lot of trouble with my kidneys and bladder with UTI's (urinary tract infections) and these are really helping me. I have trouble with vitamins and drinking the juice but I am not having any trouble with these pills

  • CJWidmayer - Stylish, Functional, Spacious, Durable

    After thinking long and hard about whether this bag would be right for me, I ended up buying the Classic Messenger in Night Blue/Village Violet/Night Blue, size Small. I actually originally got a size Medium in another color, but this color combination and size was better suited to me and my needs.

  • AKO California - Really stays on your teeth

    I've used Crest strips at least 5 times, about every 18 months or so. The old ones used to really slide around on your teeth and probably cost some effectiveness. Although I did get noticeable results.

  • Nikki - A Fairy Tale Must Have!

    First of all, this is the first book that I have seen in years that is tailored for children in Preschool through 2nd grade. It is a wonderful collection of 100 fairy tales for children of all ages. As a mother of four with two children ages 5 and 6, it is a great collection of stories that are short and sweet. Each story is well written. It opens a child's level of imagination in ways that allow them to explore, use critical thinking skills, while enjoying a great story. The stories are short in nature to keep the attention of any child, regardless of their age. The stories are written in a simple format that makes reading for beginning readers easy to follow. The pictures flow great with the stories. They are very descriptive while not being too detailed. They inspire the imagination in my children that many other stories have never done.

  • Amanda Paulsen - FABULOUS Stroller!

    My husband and I LOVE this stroller. We wanted to get the Bugaboo, but the Peg Perrego COMES with all of the same parts, you don't have to buy them separately. Love its versatility and portability--have taken it to state parks, apple orchard and shopping and its perfect for all three events! We have the Via Spiaggio SIP 30/30 car seat and it is perfectly compatible and super easy to use. Love that it converts to a pram as well. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!