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  • Kristen Brasil - Love the way this makes my hair feel

    Love the way this makes my hair feel! It makes it so soft and shiny even my boyfriend noticed! Also, I hardy do anything to my hair heat wise so in the morning if I put a little in my hair it makes it look like I blew it out a little since it tames the flyaways and smoothes everything out.


    Avast is like a worm inside your computer that's hard to get rid of. What don't I like?? Constant pop ups on a daily basis, sometimes, several times a day. Did you buy and pay for 2 computers? Dont waste your money because they will bug you to death on the second computer until you pay there too.

  • Jenn - Prime is the best

    Best water conditioner around, hands down. This product does what it promises, and is very economical - depending on tank size, it can be dosed in drops or by the cap. The Seachem brand has wonderful customer service. If you go to the company web site, you can email any questions about their products and they actually email you back an answer within 24 hours or so.

  • Jeffrey M. - Beats all of my other cubes

    This cube is great. It turns easily (almost too easily). It takes a bit of getting used to, if you are used to using stiffer cubes. The stickers quality is nice and hasn't show any signs of peeling even after solving it many times. I would recommend the V-Cube 3 to anyone that is looking for a higher quality cube after using a Rubik's brand.


    I opted to drop this service at the end of my subscription. They would not let me uninstall it - once I called and they did uninstall but soon they came back again. They wouldn't take my calls when I complained and instead continued my subscription even though I made no payments. They were showing pop up adds for me to renew my subscription and when I ignored them, they put their McAfee virus in my system. I could not use by computer at all. When I phoned them and begged for them to please uninstall their software they asked me to use F8 and sign on using safe networking to let them in. The only change after that call was another McAfee virus in my safe networking mode. They then sent me an e-mail saying that I would have to pay them to uninstall their software. Needless to say, I am taking this opportunity to install Windows 7 and over my dead body will they receive a penny more from me. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE...THEY WILL INSTALL THEIR VIRUS WHEN YOU WANT TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.