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  • Pappy - All day toilet run!

    If you are in need of fiber this will do the job! Better start off with partial scoop and if you go for the whole scoop you better stay within 30 seconds of a toilet. Other then that I think it is a pretty good product. Still waiitng on all the energy to kick in but only about half done with first canister.

  • Steve - Samsung 850 drains the battery twice as fast.

    The Samsung 850 EVO 500 gb SSD hard drive drains the battery twice as fast as the standard spinning disk hard drive. I replaced the original 500 gb spinning disk hard drive in my Macbook Pro (mid-2012) laptop. 16 gb ram, running El Capitan 10.11.5. The first thing I noticed was that the laptop operations were much much faster. Which is why I made the switch. Plus I had far fewer spinning beach ball of death moments. But I also noticed that the battery started draining twice as fast as before, even while only internet surfing. I researched the problem online and discovered other people were complaining about the same battery drain problem with this Samsung SSD. One recommendation was to enable the TRIM through the OS terminal. Which I did. The battery life improved. It no longer drains twice as fast but it still drains faster than when I had my old original hard drive installed. So beware. Your laptop will run a lot faster with this SSD but the laptop battery will drain a lot faster too.

  • Susan - Junk

    I LOVE my Borner slicer...but this grater doesn't work. It totally makes mush out of something as simple as carrots or potatoes.

  • Anonymous - This was really a disappointment after waiting so long for another Buble CD

    This was really a disappointment after waiting so long for another Buble CD. I agree with others who have said that there is no continuity, just back and forth between themes. I truly love "On an Evening in Roma" and "God Only Knows" and the classics that he sings, with his unique voice and style that no one uses these days. He is amazing at it and he should stick to it! What's happened here, is that he has sold out and has started singing poppy songs, and collab'ing with Meghan Trainor... and it's just weird. Not his style and not the Buble I've always loved. I don't even like the single track. Hmm... Just not good this time around.

  • iluffaaroncarter - good

    I wanted to love these.. but am having a hard time. They handles come loose EVERY TIME I use them! They are great for the non-stick part, and they cook things well.. but the handles drive me nuts!! I have to use a screwdriver to tighten them after every use. And I don't mishandle them either.