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  • Stacy K - No side effects for me

    Supplements...I have to admit I have had my fair share of trying out different ones over the last year. I can honestly say I have had some good luck with a majority of them. I didn't really know what to expect from Base Fat Burn. Sometimes I have the small side effects of the jitters and upset feeling in my stomach. I haven't had any with the Burn. I have been taking 2 capsules about mid morning when I start to get the munchies. I don't know if it is the pill or my mental state knowing that I took the pills at the time that makes me not crave snacks like I used to. I feel a little more energized throughout the day as well. Now I just need to start exercising so I can get and see the full results that Burn has to offer. I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review.

  • 44fanatic - Vast Improvement Over Factory at a Greatly Reduced Cost!

    I purchased a new fridge a few months ago and almost immediately noticed that the water flow was extremely slow. Our water quality is quite good and filtration is not a big factor for me. Most recently, the ice cubes were coming out without completely forming and the ice maker could not produce enough ice to fill itself. Unfortunately, the icemaker and water dispenser will not function without a filter in place or I might have just removed the original.

  • Robert Melbye - The TV's are good quality (usually), but apparently their customer service is the worst.

    I see a number of customers here had a lot of trouble with their tv's. I must have been lucky. I've had mine for over 2 years now, and , the only problem to report is a lack of input codes for universal remotes, as their remote for this model is junk.

  • pachanza - Returning this piece of junk and buying Office Pro 2010

    I bought a new HP Z420 Workstation last week and added Office Pro 2013, since we use 2010 in my office. I began the setup yesterday and Office 2013 kept giving me a message that it failed during install and I must try again later. I spent almost three hours on the phone with MS India or wherever "support" being passed to 5 different people, each of which were hopeless and could not get the product to install. The final person declared that it was a server problem on MS's end which would be fixed in 2-3 hours. I tried again this morning and still received the same installation failure error. The "support" was absolutely useless and I am returning this piece of junk and buying Office Pro 2010. I would say don't waste your time with Pro 2013.

  • Mark mi ackee tree - Thom Hartmann is a well informed writer and I enjoyed reading his accounts of events past and present

    As usual, Thom Hartmann is a well informed writer and I enjoyed reading his accounts of events past and present. I find that the passion in his work comes through in the writing.

  • R. Knowlton - An F-Bomb in 300 BC...Really?

    There was enough gore and violence to make this an R-rated movie. Special effects were really good. The PG-13 rating was handily secured by the anachronistic and completely useless F-bomb about three-quarters of the way through the movie. It's pretty sad that the producer's felt the need to put a F-bomb in a 300 BC movie just to get a PG-13 rating.