Coleman's Farm and Corn Maze – Saline, MI – 734.429.1212 - Coleman's Farm and Corn Maze is located in southeast Michigan and offers a corn maze, pumpkin patch, kiddie maze, fresh produce, and Krazy Hilda’s Barn of Doom.

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City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Sarah Mandreger - LOVE the PRODUCT but don't buy here.

    This product in this size is only worth about $8-9 from Young Living. AMAZING product!!!! LOVE IT! But the price here is ridiculous. :) A 15ML bottle of this at RETAIL price is about $27 directly from YL :)

  • Anna - I love this stroller

    I love this stroller. It was a gift in 2012 and the style looks the same as this 2014 model. It's looks really nice with the medal frame. Really easy to maneuver with one hand. The only downfall is I used it for my second child in 2015 and the buckle got stuck and we had to get my daughter out with the buckle still attached so now we can't use it because the buckle is sad

  • Mandy Gee - Perfect tan

    Definitely have to be very light with this stuff but when you get it down the tan it leaves is gorgeous! And toothpaste is perfect for getting the self tanner off your hands! Your welcome!

  • Juanita Fletcher - Great read for "Tudorphiles"

    I'm a "Tudorphile," if you will, so found the story of this little known co-founder of the Tudor dynasty fascinating. The writing was better than average though the author tended to use terminology that was very contemporary so it seemed more like it was written this century. As a sometime free lance writer I understand how difficult it is to write back as it were in the language and patterns of another time or culture but it was noticeable enough to earn a 4 not a 5 star that the character and structure deserved.

  • Kris - WAYYYY too sweet

    OK I am a sucker for sweets, but wowwww this stuff is so sweet, I literally have to make a face each time I take a swig. I love the fact that this is a plant-based protein powder supplement since I am a vegetarian, but even when mixed with fruit, veggies, and salty natural peanut butter, it is way too sweet. Definitely had to mix half a serving of this stuff with a whole heaping scoop of a hemp protein powder. Will not purchase again :(

  • Casey Laughlin - Unable to use the product

    Had we known that we would not be able to get the tax tables we would have never purchased this product.