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  • Manuel M. - Worth every penny

    1st thing 1st it's no $600 phone so expect what you paid for. I bought as a replacement for my lifeline phone in California, which my 14 year old daughter can have and use for emergency. and I love it and she loves it. It's not my 1st blu phone . I've owned the win HD for work purposes and the vivo XL, I even bought them as gift to people and they have no complaints I currently using the vivo air.

  • Laura - GREAT

    Great condition and got to me very quickly. I received this book 2 days after I purchased it and was able to use it for my class the very next day. Overall a great purchase.

  • B4 It's 2 Late - Sounds great, easy to connect and very comfortable.

    Great headphones that are comfortable, easy to connect and sound great. I purchased these headphones at a reduced price and am very happy that I tried them. 

  • River Summers - Great product! 7" versus the 9"

    I purchased both the 7" and 9" squatty potty. As a shorter person (5'4") with good flexibility, I prefer the 9" squatty potty as it provides a better squatting angle for myself. When my toddler is ready to being toilet training, the 9" squatty potty will be a better height than the 7" for him.