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  • Fuffin - PERFECT for Fixing Cords!!

    OMG these things are AMAZING!!! I had 2 iPhone cords that were stripped right at the connection and I molded the sugru onto it and it's like brand new. You do have to be careful that everything is completely clean when using the mold because like clay it will pick up everything including little dust pieces.

  • samwbr - Pioneer DEH-X6900BT

    This is a great radio for the price. Replaced a 12 year old top end alpine radio that failed with this. Going from that this still has more features and is somewhat easier to use. Setup Bluetooth with iPhone extremely easy. Ran the mic, which was the most work of installing this. Three pre-outs were a must and new on this version over last years "same" model. Changed display color to white which has not been a problem seeing in any light. Sound quality is really good for the price point too, really only complaint is wish the pre-outs were 4 volt but not a deal breaker. Also nice to have a USB and aux input on front of unit, plus you can integrate to steering wheel controls with a separate device.

  • Jack Straw - The Definitve CD version, 2012 remastered by Andrew Llloyd Webber...PHENOMENAL!!!

    Buy this CD! This is the original concept (not cast) recording. The movie version is very different, more Disneyfied, not as challenging, the original is a hard-hitting rock opera, the operative word here being "rock". It was a departure for Webber, and he went beyond the frontier with this back in 1970, pulled out all the stops and created a passion play for the rock generation. Ian Gillian, of Deep Purple, as Jesus, makes Ted Neeley of the movie seem like a neutered lamb in comparison. Some people want lambs, others lions. Ian Gillian is a lion, and Murray Head as Judas blows the doors off of any subsequent attempts. Yvonne Ellman, well, if you don't already know I can't help you, amazing. As far as the sound quality goes, this 2012 remaster is as close as you will ever get to the original vinyl (the brown box gold logo, remember?...) that first held you spellbound back in the early 1970's! This remaster was personally seen to by Andrew Lloyd Webber his very self, and one listen to the first few seconds of the work, that gut rumbling sinister satanic deep bass will prove beyond any doubt that this 2012 remastered version is far beyond any of the ultrabright and trebly hackjob analog to digital transfers to date. I just played them back to back this morning, the other CD versions, including the gold ultimate master, and the difference was UNREAL, made me immediately disgusted with the other CD versions. Thank you Mr. Webber, you almost got us back to the vinyl sound. Thanks thanks thanks. It may be possible that there is so much emotion on this record that it could be used as proof positive that something spiritual is indeed lost in analog to digital transfer... However, we do the best we can with what we have, and I think Webber did a fantastic job rescuing this jewel from the bowels of 16-bit CD format hell. All aside, THIS IS THE DEFINITIVE CD VERSION OF JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. If you are like me and you hang on every note of this rock opera, remember: 2012 Remaster, beware of any others.

  • Hunter - Learned to love it.

    When I first got my Timbuk2 Command Messenger bag, I did not like it one bit. It was big, and the material is stiff (due to the waterproof nature) and I had trouble figuring out how I would get all my stuff from my other bag properly arranged in this one. In fact, I set up a return to send it back to Amazon. However, I decided to start using it and have learned to really love this bag, I don't go out the door without it now. The first think I did was unhook the accessory pouches that are webbed to the inside of the main compartment and stowed them inside of the smaller pockets in the front of the bag (the 2012 version no longer has these accessory pockets, they get in the way). Stowed inside of the smaller pockets does take up a bit of storage room, but I can still use them for keeping my pens and business cards organized, and they are actually easier to grab located in the front of the bag rather than buried deep down inside the main compartment.

  • S. Taylor - I'm puzzled

    I am puzzled. I ordered this and true to form as another evaluation promised, the company updated it to the 2014 version

  • Jeff Carlson - Exactly what I needed but required longer screws

    I have a Samsung Syncmaster 2494SW monitor. It has the longer mounts so I needed this to connect to ergotron stand. The only issue I had is the mount on the back of the monitor is recessed. The rounded edges of this adapter did not fit into the recess so I had to get longer screws so it could fit on the outside. $1 at the local hardward store and done.